I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been a long week or 2 for me. I am making progress and getting ready to have this baby. I spent Christmas eve in the hospital thinking this is it. 2 ivs later and 7 hours there I only went from 2 and a half to3 cm. I keep telling them I get stuck at this point I need help to progress my labor. They said for legal reasons they couldn't because I was only 35 weeks and 3 days . I asked If I could get something to stop the contractions they said no. They want me to go into labor Naturally . Well I don't all 3 of my kids needed help I get stuck at 3 and make no progress.
Now I am on zofran due to me doing nothing but throw up everytime I ate something . that stuff is nasty. I was told to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. boy am I swollen due to the point of walking is painful.. I can't get my socks or shoes on. It is winter time snow on ground what am I to do. I wear slippers and force my feet into shoes when I have to get the kids from School here is hoping this baby will come soon. I wan tto be able to walk again painfree eat with out having to take meds.
Most of all I want to see his little face and see how beautiful he is. What my husband and I created out of our love for each other.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My kids have grown so much

My Daughter will be 8 in February. Where does time go. Seems like yesterday I was holding for the first time. It was 24 hours after her birth I got to hold her. We almost lost her . I am grateful we didn't. She tries to be a little mother. But she is willing to help when I need it most of the time.

My middle son will be 7 in January. I remember the OB on call and my husband saying hurry up and have this kid before the Super bowl starts. I did 32 minutes before the first kick off. He has brought joy and sorrow in our life. He has some problems in school and I think he has a learning disability he can hear how to do something then 5 minutes go by and he can't comprehend what was said to him. He always has a smile on his face even when he is in trouble. He does surprise us.

My baby was born Dec.26 2005 . He was due the middle of January . I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my ankle and went in to labor with him. I didn't know I was in Labor until I went to sing with the choir and hit my high note. I spent Christmas Afternoon in the hospital I am still grateful for my Visiting teacher and her family who put aside their Celebration that day to take the other 2. He is the joy of our family I always thought he would be the last one.

Well I am sitting here in anticipation of another little boy. He has tried to come once but since bed rest he is staying put. I can't wait to hold him in my arms for the first time. He is 2 years worth of heartfelt prayers and many months of sorrow. He holds a special place in my heart. As all my kids do.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to find the Christmas spirit in a hectic life

Put up your Nativity where you can see it and show the kids and watch their reaction. My little 3 year old loves to admire baby Jesus and hold it. My 6 year old loves to rearrange it to tell the story in his own words if he was there this is what he would do. My 7 year old gets tears in her eyes when she thinks of the Christmas story. Me I love to play the hymns and sing them that go along with his birth. This year I hope to be able to sing with the choir. I am hoping Alexander can wait until after the Christmas service to be born.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's offical

bed rest until I deliver my Baby. I still have contractions but not enough to do anything.Plus he is dropping . Trying to get my kids to help is a pain in the butt. I a trying to teach them responsibility and Noah gets the dumbest look on his face like what did you tell me to do and why. oh well so my house is a mess dishes haven/t been washed . Laundry is almost done thanks to my daughter .
What I have learned from this is I need to slow down and smell the roses life is to short to pass me by.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bed rest sucks

urgh here are the details. Sunday after church I started to have contractions I am only 31 weeks
they were coming every 10 minutes and they were painful they continued throughout the night I maybe got 2 hours of sleep if I was lucky . I got up to get the kids ready for school at this point they were coming every 5 minute sand they were very painful. So called the Dr. She said go to labor and delivery. So I called Scott yes he went to work knowing this was going on. SO I called my friend she drove me and watched Nicholas. Got hooked up and monitored for 3 hours . They were registering on the monitor did a few tests. Turns out they were just very strong braxton hicks . But to be on the safe side I am on bed rest. The only things I can do is get my kids to and from school , use the bathroom. I have to rest as much as possible now.
I a so glad for the help I am getting from the ladies at church. THey are making my family dinner and watching Nicholas for me so I can rest and not have to worry about him.
Tv is getting boring.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey, wait a second.... she told me she was pregnant, but I found THIS EVIDENCE!!
Click picture for full evidential details!!

stretch marks galore

me at 30 weeks

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 more weeks to go

That is all I have left. According to my Dr. If she lets me go term I am looking at an almost 12 lb baby. So we are going in around 37 weeks to have our little boy.
Feelings are I am scared this time around I don't know why. Maybe because I have 3 and they are hard to control as it is . How will life be after we introduce the new little one in our home.
I guess I take it one day at a time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i guess

I have created my own problems. I realize I am not the only lonely person out there. I got a phone call the other day and we talked for almost 40 minutes it felt good to talk to another adult who shares the same beliefs you do. This pregnancy has been so hard on me . I am sick and sore all the time. I am trying to keep a house clean raise 3 other kids and my husband is in school and not home all the time.
I have offend the wrong person and I don't know where to draw the line I am at risk of losing a real close friend. I still don't understand what I did wrong but try to patch up a big mess I created last year.
I just might tell this other friend we are done. i don't need anymore stress right now. I have come close to losing this baby I worked so hard to have . I only have 13 weeks to go and I don't think I could survive if something happened to him.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I realized about the only friend I have is a great lady named Kim.
I guess it is my fault. Another friend reminded me what I did last year to someone else. Ever since then nobody really talks to me or wants to do things with me. I totally forgot about that. I forgave myself and asked for forgiveness .
I understand if people don't trust me.
why can't people let it go and let me move on with my life.
I am sick of being lonely. I guess I will go back into my shell I worked so hard to get out of when I moved here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A scary day

I got a call from the school yesterday saying Noah fell asleep we can't wake him up. I go I can't wake him the principal can't wake him. So off to the ER I go. HE is better today
he was dehydrated to the point were his body was starting to shut down so after some fluids they sent him home and with stick orders plenty of fluids and he is to stay home today for observation.
At least he is better
Being a parent can get scary

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today reminds me of a chemo day

I have so much energy I don't know what to do with it. I cleaned kitchen organized cupboards , cleaned off counters mopped floor. Laundry wash dry fold put away . Bathroom , living roo dining room. I am still full of energy.
Last time this happened I was on heavy duty steroids before and after each chemo treatment. I cleaned my parents whole house made a gourmet meal for the family .
I guess we can call this nesting early. Saturday basement clean out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starting the day out

with a prayer sure sets the day right . I have more energy to do things and i am in a better mood. I also have it with my kids before they go to school. They are paying attention better and Noah is a whole different person. He is a better listener and helper.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

so far so good

Noah is now in first grade. His behavior has gotten better over the summer and I have gotten 2 good reports from his teacher. Were as last year I got nothing but a real long complaint from his teacher.
He has the teacher Rainey had last year and she works with the student if they are having problems she also works with the parents .
Noah is more helpful and eager to learn . So far he is learning addition and he can read most of
Go dog go.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saw the dr today

and I am measuring 23 weeks along I am only 20 so looks like another big baby . I will have another ultrasound to determine the rate he is growing everything else looks fine . All but my weight I have gained 25 pounds so far no wonder I had to get bigger maternity pants last week .

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day weekend

Spent it at my inlaws first time we got to stay the weekend since my father in law was diagnosed good news he beat his cancer . We took the kids to several parks and had a blast with them. Came home this morning rearranged our room to make room for the baby stuff . Took the kids to another park went shopping to get rest of the school stuff and groceries. Made dinner then rocked out to Rock band rainey is getting better at guitar . It is going to be lonely during the day since kids start school tomorrow . Just Nicholas and me. I am planing on teaching him at home and get ready for Alexander to make his enterance in our family.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

WE FInally decided on a Name

Alexander Samuel Jamison will be his name

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


name still deciding
if you have any boy clothes I could have or borrow that would be helpful since I gave mine to a lady in my old ward who's husband was out of a job
thank you

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scott's job

is SAFE He just got word that they kept the contract .
ALSO I WILL KNOW TOMORROW if we are having a Serena or a Samuel
Thanks for the prayers

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A bonding time with husband

I am trying to put my life and finances in order. I went to office depot and bought a desk. I di not know it would take over 3 hours to put together but it was fun. First step it took us 15 minutes to figure out why the first 2 pieces didn't fit. My fault I handed him the wrong piece but after that we did it. We were done by 1245am Sunday.
It was fun we spent the time together and working together as a couple. Today he has been very helpful he noticed how bad the the tub and shower was getting and he noticed that me knelling over is hard so he scrubbed that. He noticed a bad smell coming from the garbage can and saw it was growing it's own food he scrubbed that out. He said I am sorry I don't help out around the house that much. But hey he brings home the money works hard and goes to school then comes home and helps with the kids He is a KEEPER.
I also set up a budgeting system and handed SCOTT ALL MY PLASTIC here is living to being debt free

Monday, August 24, 2009


SCOTT got word today that his company lost a contract and It doesn't look good .
He needs to keep his job or we are so screwed. This didn't come at a good time. In 4 months there will be a baby to take care of. Plus the other kids. I can't get a job what we have saved is enough for 1 house payment if it came to that . I don't know what to do. Right now I need all the help and support I can get .

Roughing it

I got back from camping with the kids and inlaws. It was quite an eventful time.
Tuesday left my house and got to Caseville Mi about 2 pm after a couple detours. Caseville is in the thumb real small town but a somewhat nice campground. Pitched the tent and got our campsite set up. Inlaws have a nice trailer they use. Went to the beach can go out almost 500 feet and stil the water won't come to your waist. Nicholas jumped right in and rode the waves .
Wind was hard that night.
Wednesday Inlaws had company and ingnoered us. Stuff was said to me by father in law not worth repeating just very hurtfull.
Rain fell that night very hard.
Thursday went to the town of Bad Axe and saw the Branch that serves Huron County and saw the Missionaries tracting downtown.
Friday while at the laundry mat read a guide on vacationing in Huron County found a nice resturant to eat out. Scott and I had a Date . Noah asked if he could come to I said no mom and dad haven't had a night out in a long time and they need it. Rainey chimed in THEY HAVEN"T HAD ENOUGH SEX EITHER boy was I red where she learned that one i don't know on the way to the resturant we saw a mom and baby deer , a pheasent cross the road in front of us and wild turkies in the field and a falcon stalking its prey . Also at the park across from the camp site we saw an albino squirel . was up to 3am that night due to the campers behind us they were drunk and rude.
Saturday Took the kids to a really neat park I found in the vacationing guide and Mom in law came with us. Then we took her to lunch It was fun. THat night it poured all night.
Sunday packed up and came home.
I am tan on my arms burned on my back from the beach it was fun. Tired from sleeping on an air mattress and getting up every 3 hours to use the bathroom had to walk to them thank goodness my campsite was a 30 -45 second walk depending on how fast I walked.
I learned to pack slippers my feet got so swollen that i coundn't wear my sandals or flip flops so while in Bad axe found a walmart and bought a pair of slippers . THey are so nice I wore them rest of the trip and boy do they need a bath.
For the most part I had funseeing the kids playing on the beach and enjoying theirselves . Nicholas was fun to watch he wasn't afraid to go in he jumped right in rode the wave came back up and rode more. he was mad I mad him get out after an hour in the water. They were covered each night in sand from the beach or the park.
I would do this again in a heartbeat but with out my father in law he is such a mood killer if you are having a good time he will find a way to kill it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Putting a smile on a little girls face.

A couple weeks ago I had a barrette in my hair. It was a purple butterfly. A little girl came up to me and said she loved it put a smile on her face and left. She is such a sweet little spirit always has a smile on her face. I taught her in nursery and helped her adjust. Her spirit lights up my afternoon. So today I gave her my favorite barrette and put a smile on her face . It felt good to do that for her. I hope she enjoys it.

A fun busy weekend

My brother is in town and we are having fun playing rock band 2 and I bought the country pack so we were rocking to the country songs . We went to Henry Ford and had fun there and we pulled up carpet in Rainey's room. My Baxter peeded everywhere in the room. SO I talked to the agancy I adopted him from . She said lock him in a room with his food and litter box for up to 30 days so he can adjust himself. So we did that. I hope it works. Tommorow I will be packing for a weeklong vacation . I am roughing it with my kids and hubby before school starts up again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a kicking

and an active one. Today I had a checkup and it has a heartbeat of 152 and it was kicking away the Dr and I felt it and we heard it . I think it was saying get that thing off of me.
Ultrasound date is the 2 we are thinking pink.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A fun date night

With everything that has been going on baby on the way , getting ready to go back to elementary school for the older 2 and college for hubby and worrying about my father in law I put my life on the back burner. I haven't taken time for me and my Hubby . So I told him this during our daily lunch email exchanges. So last night we went to the store and got Chocolate chips and made my Aunt's Famous cookies. You haven't had a good chocolate chip cookie until you tried these they are still soft and gooey and It is almost 5pm and I finished them at 10pm last night. I need an excuse to make these again any of you ladies interested in getting together for a night out .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My dad

is a talented man.
He makes furniture by hand. He sees a picture he likes he can make it. He is so good that local furniture stores want him to make it for them.
Right now he is in Roseville . His work is at Jasens Fine Furniture at 11 and gratiot.
He has entrainment centers there. I know this because he made a surprise visit to me yesterday after he got done dropping them off.
So far from him I have a ceder chest a dresser a jewelry box a kitchen table a changing table he even did toy boxes for my kids with there names carved in them.
His work is on a coast guard ship in baptist churches Methodist churches basically all over the Us and in Canada .
I am proud of my Dad.
If you are looking for a particular piece and can't find what you like he is your man. He will do it in any wood or color you want. Drop me a line and I will give you his contact info or go to Jasens and talk to them to see the work and they take orders for it also .
He does this out of his home.
AND Yes he does ship it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My version of a mastercard commercial

Mini golfing with kids 20.00
buying groceries for family 45.00( I love Aldis )
using extra money to buy a game for the family to enjoy 30.00( rock band 2)
spending the weekend with family having a blast PRICELESS

Friday, July 31, 2009

A stress free week

I love my mother in law. She has always been there for me. She is kind and understanding.
This week I got a call Sunday night . I have the week off and I want to take your kids. I will take them one at a time. So Monday Rainey went came back Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon after dropping off Rainey she took Noah . He came home Wednesday evening. Thursday my Sister in Law had to have her tonsils out. SO she stayed home to babysit her. Today she is getting Nicholas and bringing him home Saturday and staying to visit for rest of the day. I have been able to give my house a good scrubbing and spend time with the kids . There has been no fitting ,no arguing ect.
There was a little but not as much. My kids needed 1 on 1 time to see that they are loved in their own way. Today I am taking Rainey and Noah miniture golfing. Then we are going to do the dreaded back to School shopping for them and Daddy .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I learened today

I so wanted to give up on my calling have my husband ask to be released from his. Basically I have been having a real hard time the last few weeks . I have a really sassy daughter who thinks she is the boss of everyone a high maintenance son and a 3 year old who is learning bad behavior from the other 2.
I decided this morning to go to church and sing in choir. The song we sang was Nearer my god to thee. I really thought about those words That is what I am missing in my life right now is his hand in my life. The talks were on adversity and overcoming it. Those really made me think. Everyone has trials and we all need a little push.
I have decided to be a better mother and wife to my family and spouse .
I will not let this depression get the best of me this time around.
He has a plan for me and I might not see it right now in this life but in the future to come.
I am so glad I went to day and had my spirit really touched by music and others testimonies.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Masters Here I come

Scott got accepted into the Masters program at Wayne State Now I have 3 kids I need to buy school supplies for
His Supervisor at work is letting him rearrange his schedule so he can attend his class.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A busy, fun,and exshusting weekend

It started Friday morning cleaning the house top to bottom for Mother in law's Visit over the weekend. I even got on my hands and knees to mop the floor . I did alot of house work in one day . I usually do a couple chore a day but with the kids it needed a good scrubbing. Didn't sleep very well that night finally fell asleep around 4 in the morning got up at 730 . Made breakfast for my kids did last minute straighting. Then she came . She was watching the kids Scott and me. I had a wedding to go to.
My Brother got married Saturday. I really don't know her that well . She made my brother happythat counts. We were told to be at the church by 330 for family pictures So we were there. they didn't get pictures started until 430 They had 1/2 to do them before the wedding . We were upset . My mom went to light the unity candle and tripped going up the steps. Accidently blew out the candle represnting our side . The pastor went one with the ceramony with the bride still on her da'd's arm he forgot to ask who gives this women away. Then nobody told me and my little brother and his friend we had to stay after the wedding for more pictures. so we went straight to the reception.
The reception was fun . Each table got their own cake to cut. THey had a fruit tray veggie tray and olive tray and crakers and chhese to nibble on befor the dinner started. THe Dinner was supposed to start at 7 and didn't start until almost 8 the food was cold and to spicey for me. I was glad i took advantage of the food before the dinner. When the bride was gretting her guests her dress came unclasped and started to fall down. The music was good and sancing was fun. We had a little bit of cake left so we decorated it with stuff from our table for my brother's birthday . My siblings and I all sat at the same table with our spouses except for my littlest brother he brought his best friend he is only 17. We had a blast .
I danced the night away with Scott i told him he better enjoy us being this close I have popped over night. Came home Around 11 pm . I didn't slepp that well. So I got up at 6 am to my cats fighting and one flying into our bedroom door. I then laye don the couch and went back to sleep . I was woken up by Scott asking what is for breakfaast we are hungry . well I went to move. And I got the most painful cramp in my leg it still hasn't went away. My mom in law left early afternnon. I finnally got a shower laid on the couch and was out unil 3 . I went to bed around 9 and got a better sleep but i am still tired. I hate getting up every couple houre to pee. oh well
All in all it was a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

baby's Heart beat

All of us went to my appointment on Monday and we heard a nice heartbeat. 154.
I was so scared something was wrong. I always freak out at this point because my mom lost 2 babies at 12 weeks . But everything is ok
I would of posted this monday but we got back and found out we had no phone. They sent somebody out today to repair the line.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our mini vacation

I decided Friday morning to go somewhere for the day on Saturday leave early in the morning and get home late. Our destination Cleveland Metro Park Zoo. If you haven't been there it is worth going . Admission cost for our family was 41.00, cheaper than Detroit zoo. The drive was well worth it. A hour before the zoo we got stuck in a storm we saw the lightning and heard the thunder and the rain came down in sheets. the speed on the road was 60 but because of the rain it dropped to 20 if you were lucky. Every so far had to hit brakes to not stall out in the huge puddles that collected on the highway. Got to the zoo it was still raining hard. So we bought our tickets that included the zoo and their indoor Rain forest something I know and Scott thought we had to pay extra. We went into the rain forest. We were greeted by a 25 foot waterfall trees and plants that grow in the rain forest animals from different rain forests around the world. The building was 2 stories you either used the stairs elevator or climbed up a tree. Kids did the tree climbing . I did Nicholas and the elevator
We left that and then we went back outside still raining by that time it was noon. So we found a pavilion and had our picnic lunch I brought. It finally stopped raining.
First exhibit in the zoo was a Persian leopard he was cute. We heard him kind of growl then meow. So for the next few minutes Nicholas was imitating it and people thought that was cute.
Saw some monkeys. Saw 4 black rhinos 3 females 1 male they are huge. we saw sharks and fish( some of the fish were bigger than my kids.) from around the world, monkeys from around the world. One monkey was playing with the kids. He would follow Noah then run away and come back really fast and hit the glass were Noah and Rainey were standing this went on for about 5 minutes the kids drew a crowd even the keeper thought that was cute. We saw a Foosa( they are mentioned in the movie Madagascar ) It looks like cat but is related to the mongoose instead. He was on the exersising wheel with his front feet and his back feet looked like they were dancing . We also saw Reindeer wolves beavers camels and a huge collection of bears ( they have the biggest collection of any zoo).
We saw a koala he was new so you had to be quite not to disturb him and a tree Kangaroo. We also rode the tram back to the entrance for fee.
We stopped for dinner at a place called Steve ie B's in woodhaven Mi . It is all you can eat pizza buffet. For dessert I had Smore Pizza It was so good I wanted more but decided not to .
During this trip my morning sickness crept back up I was glad they had bathrooms at every area we went to. The zoo was divied itno sections. You have your African safari, Northren treck, Outback Adventures, and Primates and Aquatics.
This trip was eorth it we create dlasting family memories.
I will post picutures later when I get them off the camera.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does the baby use an Electrical cord

to eat . That is what Nicholas asked me the other day. Noah asked did I swallow a Gummi Bear whole and that is why our ultra sound picture looks like a gummi Bear a couple weeks ago. They alao ask me everyday is it time to go to the hospital yet.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ever have one of those weeks

Where everything you do or try to do goes not according to plan.
Monday Ripped up carpet in the boys room while cleaning it I noticed a real bad smell. One of the kids or both peed all over the carpet didn't tell me by the time I found it it soaked to the pad. So I cleaned it and then moved all the furniture my self ripped up and bound all the carpet carried it out side. Then moved all the furniture back in place. Mind you I am 10 weeks along.
Tuesday Moving was a pain but I did some laundry then got yelled at by Scott for doing it myself.
Wednesday Went to dinner with kids and did shopping with them while I wanted a nice family outing all I kept hearing was Scott don't touch that leave that alone. Sit down ect to the point where the other people were looking at me like I am a bad parent I just wanted to crawl under the table and die.
Thursday Noah decided to sneak downstairs in the freezer and eat my pop cycles. On top of that I told him earlier to leave the snacks alone and ask for food instead of sneak and hide. On top of that a jar of peanut butter was found downstairs all eaten mmm wonder who did that.
Today the kids are getting a kick our of Lego Star Wars for the PS2 Scott's friend gave it to us. I told them I had the movies so we watched yes the original 3 Well the first one (4) went well then comes number2(5) and all Heck broke lose they were all over the place and food was flying hands were hitting each other at one point kids were throwing each other off the couch. After they were all over . I decided to find the mysterious smell coming from the kitchen curdled milk in the sink. Yes I am behind on house work. Noah was trying to clean the living room next thing i here is crash. He was trying to get a blanket off the couch to put it where it goes and wel a bowl went flying hitting me in the arm I am ok bowl is not. Well I went to try to vacuum up the smal pieces off the rug nothing Took vacumm apart and well the belt is broken. Urgh now I have to buy a new one.
Oh well If you read to this part here it goes. I have posted 209 posts so far. I will take stories involing kids and their antics were you just wanted to scream and hide until Tuesday. I will read them Wednesday and pick the best one and send that person a little something.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Campout with kids.

Scott is in Toronto for a few days. So I am home with the kids. They wanted me to set up the tent in the back yard. But due to the storm yesterday we did it inside. We got mattresses of the bed layed them in the liivng room and slept on them. We are doing it again tonight after we watch our movies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father in law update

He is real sick due to treatments for his colon cancer. He is on steroids and now he has a nasty infection they are trying to kill with antibiotics. I was supposed to go to visit my inlaws this week well I can't he doesn't want company . So to make it up to the kids we bought them a pool even scott and i can go in it with them. Bought snack food and rented movies so when Scott leaves for Toronto we will camp out in the living room .
Please include my father in law in your prayers he really needs them right now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

each time is different

When I was pregnant with my first life was good not very much morning sickness got up got to work came home and did things with out any problems.
second time i had help from my soon to be sis in law. she got in a big fight with her mom .got kicked out so Ilet her live with me and payed her 50 bucks a week to watch a infant . I could nap when i needed to
third one i had help of a very good visiting teacher and a park in my apartment complex that I could wear out the 2 kids and get a much needed nap
this one major morning sickness extreme fatigue ,trying to clean a house and keep 3 kids in line
I just want to lay down and sleep i have 3 kids not listening to me .

Friday, June 19, 2009

You know you live to close to the neighbor's when

you are awoken at 1145pm by them. I could hear every word she said as she kicked her husband out of the house. She even said take the kid I don't care just get the BLEEP out of my house. then I hear more yelling and screaming then slam slam and the car leaving .

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Messy room

has been the source of my constant nagging towards my daughter so here we go.
1 messy room = constant nagging
1 trash bag 1bowl of soapy water 1 vacuum
lots of muscle power= 1 totally clean and rearranged room and priceless time together

After working on it since 830 this morning it is finally done at 135 pm .
One less thing for me to stress over

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a baby in there :)

Today I saw my ob for the first time Dr. Mazey . I like her.
Rainey was with me Scott took the day off of work to help out. I got an ultrasound to see if everything was fine and it was. We saw it move a bit and the heart beating . I even have a picture of it and it looks like a teddy bear. My Official due date is January 24 2010.
After that we hit the zoo on last time this summer.
They went grocery shopping some more .
Now I am home and totally exhausted.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lord does provide

It has been a bad week last week running low on food and no money to really get it . Most of my money i am saving to pay the hospital bill is is a cd. Well anyway I got the mail friday and well inside it was a check for a nice amount. This check was from a former employer. They did our IRA wrong and had to recalculate and pay us interest on it we are talking 4 years worth. this check allowed me to pay bills so they wouldn't be late and stock up on groceries so my family can eat.
I have always paid tithing and worried how am i going to provide for my family but know I relize I don't need to worry I will be provided for.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

As Alice Cooper said

Kids got final report card and here we go
Noah after all the behavior problems we had with him this school year towards the end he mellowed out and well he moves on to First grade next year
Lorraine she has always been the smart one and well she is going on to second grade
here is hoping for a long fun summer with the kids

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nicholas's saying of the day

He said "Mom I wish I was pregnant "I said "why " he said "So I can be on the pregnant shows.
I have been watching discovery health thinking It would put him to sleep and he is watching them and learning from them. I might have a future Ob on my hands.

Friday, June 5, 2009

School is

almost out for my 2 kids. I don't know if I can entertain them all summer. Thank goodness their uncle is coming for part of the summer and his best friend. His best friend has 6 sisters so he likes to get away. In August I am going camping Hope i can handle it. Being around 4 months along then in a tent on an air mattress . Today they have a day off Why I don't know seems like they get 1 day a month off for teacher development day. It is only 930 in the morning and they are starting to bug me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

never ending

appetite . I am eating it seems like forever . Nothing i am eating is making me full . this is the one thing I hate about being pregnant is the constant need for me to eat. but i want a healthy baby.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Song of the night


this is a video done by the mormon tabrnacle choir. It brings tears to your eyes it protrays the love of christ shown by the deeds of others. watch the vidoe closely and you will see what I mean

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My baby bump is named

Kevin. That is what Nicholas calls it. I asked him why he thinks it is a boy. He said because we are soft and squishy like your tummy I asked what are girls he said dusty
I said call it Serena he said no I don't like that name it is the name of Sailor Moon their favorite Japaneses cartoon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

why me of all days

couldn't it of happened yesterday why to day when I have a list of things to do .
got kids to school alright and back went to run some errand daughter left lunch on table my car died . Luckily I have towing coverage on my insurance policy. I just had it in the shop Friday 280 dollars later. turns out the starter they put in there on Friday was a bad one.
SO towed it to the mechanics shop and the mechanic was nice enough to drop it back off at my house if i brought him back. I love my mechanic i go there all the time when our van acts up .he knows we have 1 vehicle .
Good thing the part has a 2 year warranty so today's trouble cost me 0 dollars just alot of grief.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It has finally happened

Rainey keeps asking me when her teeth will start falling out she is about the only one in first grade that dosen't have that cute toothless little kid smile. When not anymore she lost it today while eating popcorn

Thursday, May 21, 2009


are a good thing to have in life. when you have a bad day look around and see the many blessing you have. I have a roof over my had food on the table a husband who has a job a family who loves me. The greatest one I have is my eternal family. No matter what happens I will see them again.
Another blessing is answers to heartfelt and tearful prayers. I have been waiting and trying for so long for our newest addition. I hope and pray everything will go alright. According to my mom It is a girl she has that feeling I am thinking so also I am constantly nauseous and the sight of food and smell of it sickens me like it did with Rainey.
here are our names
Girl Serena Noelle
boy Samuel Jacob or Jacob Samuel

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maternity clothes

I went through my box of them and well I need some new shirts how fun. The ones I have are stained or old and out of shape and style. I went to one web site and 135 dollars for a top I will wear a few times. I don't think so. I need some nice ones for church. Mom to mom sales here I come and salvation army here i come.
I wish I never loaned them to my sis in law or they still would be nice looking.

Eight years today

Scott and I were married by his aunt in her church. It was a beautiful May day. Birds were singing sun was shining it was 75 degrees and I had a long heavy dress on with a corset underneath . My mom in law was concerned that it would rain that day so she talked me out of an outdoor wedding . I was kind of glad it wasn't outside due to the fact i was sweating inside in the heavy dress and all .
Then 2 years later on May 10th my dad's birthday we were sealed in the Detroit temple.
These last eight years have had there share of ups and downs but it has been worth the ride. So far 3 kids another on the way they are hoping for a girl so am I.
9 moves
1 house to sale if we need to.
love you Scott

Monday, May 18, 2009

here is the fun part

Trying to find an ob in the town you live that is a good one. first ob i had for Lorraine and Noah was recommended by my regular dr . Nicholas was an easy choice he was the only 1 in the town I lived in . I look up ob' sin my insurance provider website and well I have over 200 choices how do you choose . anybody have a good ob i could call and try to set up an appointment

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Test says it all.

I just found out. I was wondering why I was so tired and felling nauseous the last few days and I went to put on my shorts to work out this morning and they were tight so I bought one and it says go me It finally happened my prayers have been answered. Feelings right now are scared real surprised been trying for a while know and I am happy It has happened. We told Nicholas he was going to be a big brother I wished I got a picture of his face. Other 2 thought I was joking so I showed Lorraine the test since she can read. So we are praying all goes well.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The first flowers of summer

that is the title of the dance Lorraine is doing today. It is her Ballet recital according to her teacher she is a natural . Hope you enjoy for those who don't know my daughter she is in the middle wearing glasses and a purple bow in her hair . If you are looking left to right she is the third one in

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do you still love me

is a question Nicholas has been asking me every time he did something wrong. today he had an accident in his pants and asked Do you still love me? What an innocent question I said I love you no matter what you do that is a mothers love.

A walk a day

is what I am doing. My friend and I have a goal to lose 50 pounds each by christmas. We drop the kids off and go for a walk for about a half hour. This week has been a hard one. Tuesday I was chasing Nicholas he got away from me and was heading towards Gratiot and I tripped in the dentist parking lot and went ash fault surfing tore up my knee a good one. So walking has been a pain but I insit on doing it. Weight lose so far 2 lbs but I only been at this for a week and a half.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To all you mother's in cyberspace .
I spent the day at the zoo with the kids in the rain it was an adventure. Then they took me to lunch and my gift was a neat necklace. it is a heart with a mother lifting up a child in the center.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A day that everything would work out right. Today was a bad day I fell like I could scream at the top of my lungs . Once certain child is being a pill . Causing trouble instead of taking a shower he flooded the bathroom leaked into the basement onto the tv . When dropped off at school instead of going to breakfast he went to the playground and played Pulled down his pants and showed his butt to the class. Screamed down the hall bad words.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One busy weekend plus a surprise

I planted my garden . We planted beans ,broccoli, cabbage, carrots, corn,cucumbers , green peppers, lettuce, okra, onions, peas, potatoes, sunflowers,and tomatoes. I also am ripping up my front garden and redoing the brick work . In the top half I am leaving alone I planted peony and petunias . I also ripped up the carpet in my hallway . Three more rooms My House is all hardwood floors. Here comes the surprise . I cut my hair I mean cut it.
This is the front view it looks like i have it pulled back well scroll done

This is the side profile. I did it because I am sick of brushing out the knots ( no)
I did it because it was a pain to take care of(no)
I DID IT IN SUPPORT OF MY FATHER IN LAW . I wouldn't go totally bald been there once He might not lose his hair but I want him to know I support him no matter what. This morning I have major bed head no you can't see that picture. Here is a description rocker mohawk

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stage 2 cancer

if any one dosn't know cancer is divided into 4 stages each cancer treatment is determined by the stage it is in. Well my Father in law has stage 2 meaning they caught it and it is treatable and it stayed in one spot and didn't spread.
His course treatment is
6 weeks daily radiation
6 weeks daily chemo ( pill form)
so that means we can't go to my inlaws with the kids for a while .
Then the next thing they are checking him for is the colon cancer gene . His mom died of colon cancer when he was in his early 20's .
If he has is then Scott needs to be checked for it and if he has it my kids need to be checked for it.
I wish my father in law didn't have this dreadful disease .
It is hell on earth . I would n't wish it on my enemies.
For my readers out there June 20th is my 9 year graduation date from chemo. I had stage 3 and half meaning it was in one central spot but spread to more than one organ . It was in my Lymph nodes my heart my lungs and my spleen . I was a month away from it going in my blood. and bones at that point I wouldn't of made it. I am glad I did.
I will be signing up to go back to school my degree
Pediatric oncology( cancer nurse for children) .

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nice sunny day

it was 80 yesterday so i did some yard work. I forgot one important thing when I was out side
SUNSCREEN. Yes I have a nice sun burn on my back you can see my shirt lime one my back and front. It is on my arms and face.
I mowed the lawn and cleaned out the shed. I organized and washed the kids out side toys.

I urge all of you out there to wear sunscreen a hat and shades while outside.
Last year I found out I am allergic to the sun. So on top of the burn I have ictcy and blotchy hives.

Friday, April 24, 2009

father in law

made it through surgery alright.
we almost lost him yesterday due to a nurses negligence .
she was sponge bathing him and left him in the room standing up. he couldn't move a whole lot due to the meds he is on . he couldn't reach the call nurse button or risk falling and pulling his stitches and bleed inside . When they finally found him his blood pressure was so low and if he was left alone even for a few more minutes more he would of passed out and surly ripped out the stitches and bleed out. Needless to say we are very angry with this nurse. thank goodness he is ok .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

father in law update

Mom in law called last night. They are removing 12 inches of his colon to be on the safe side. this will be tomorrow.
In other news I started my garden last Saturday. I dug up my lawn in the back yard with scott's help and the kids help. WE are getting it ready to plant the seeds i started to spout . we have 15 bean plants so far I just have to be patient with the other seeds to see if they sprout. I even have the nasty blister on my hand to prove I worked hard getting the sod up

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A fun day turns gray

Yesterday I bought a membership to Henry ford Museum and I can get into Green field Village for free on it. We had a family fun day. We went to dinner at Cici's pizza rented a couple movies to watch with the kids. During the movie I got a phone call not a good one. Scott's dad has colon cancer. This comes a year after he had kidney cancer they removed the kidney he was fine. Lets hope by removing part of his colon he will be fine. If that dosn't work I know he will not go in for chemo or radiation. He will say let me die I am an old man. He isn't even 60.
I know we have our diffrences in the past but he is a good man. He came home from Nam with a purple heart. He loves to talk about that war he has such passion Only if he would put that passion in fighting for his life. I know where he is coming from. I know first hand the effects of chemo I havn't had it for 9 years but every time I see myself I see a totally diffrent person . Everytime I see the scares in my arms from the needles of chemo and weekly vampire visits( what I called the blood draw nurse who took forever) . Shots to the bone marrow when I had no white blood cells and most of all when I see the swollen leg .
Please say prayers for our family we need them.

Friday, April 10, 2009


My inlaws have the kids for awhile. Scott and I are going on a date tonight we really need it. Then off to Home depot and lowes to finish getting supplies to make my house a home we are painting the kitchen kids rooms and the hallway. We are also getting a chest freezer to start buying in bulk so we only have to get grocerices maybe every 2-3 months.
when the kids left I took a walk and bought seed to start my garden this week . So we will have fresh veggies this summer maybe I might buy more so I can start canning
I miss the noise the constant mom he looked at me mom he pointed at me noah get out of my room the biggest one right now is Mom I want a new family nobody is nice to me.


today i woke up early due to severe pain in my leg. It dosen't help that it is the severely swollen one. time to get out the cane which I hate using. I need to get one that looks more feminine . I also had to look for my sock that gets tight as the day goes on but it helps. I have been living with this for almost 9 years. I have the option of get surgery on it but chances are it might make it worse . If I do this I won't be able to move for a couple weeks I need to mova and take care of my family so I have leared to live with the pain

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I tried this give away once I'll try it again

Restrictions and Limitations:

1. I make guarantees that you will like what I make! (you know i am real creative )
2. What I create will be just for you. (and I will match your personality if I know you )
3. It will be done this year.( I promise you that yo will get it by July )
4. You have no clue what it's going to be, because I don't even know what it's going to be! ( I don't know yet either I have no ideas until I see the names of the 3)
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. ( I don't do strange just unique )

The Catch: You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who comment on your post and agree to do the same!So get ready for your mystery treat... but be prepared to share the love! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you get when you get it.

Have fun with this I can't wait to see who I am designing for .

Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Time

This last few weeks has been trying on me. Emotional physically and spiritually. I was planning a surprise party for my dad's 50th birthday . I am trying to cheer him up since his birthday is on Mother's day he thinks he will be left out and not remembered. I made a big mistake and telling my mom. She told my sister and well they decided to go and plan it their selves I had the whole menu planned and everything. I was asked to bring the jello. I have bitter feelings toward my mom and sister . I am thinking on mot going. but I don't want to hurt my dad's feelings. I know see where my dad is coming from when he says he feels invisible by certain members of my family My mom and sister are forever planning to do things together almost every weekend no body calls me or my sis in law to see if we want to come or hang out.
I have been having a lot of physical problems lately. We have been trying for another baby and no luck. I told Scott after alot of crying and heartache. I don't want to try anymore as much as I want another one I am sick of the heartache. Seeing the new babies and some of my friends expecting has been a reminder it is not happening for us. But I want them to know I hope they continue to have a good time caring that baby and all goes well. I have also not been sleeping or I don't have an appetite when it comes to food. I eat just to live not because I have an urge to or my body saying I'm hungry.
Spiritually I have been lost and confused . I was talking to Scott and saying I think I am going to quit coming this ward is starting to remind me of the one back home where we tried to get along but behind closed doors people talked badly about each other. I have heard some of this. It is not pretty. I am not giving names. It is so hard to feel the spirit when there are those feeling towards other members and you can feel the I hate to use this word Hatred. I try to be friend others I still feel alone.
That is when I heard the talk YOU ARE NOT ALONE WE ALL HAVE OUR TRIALS TO WORK THROUGH. He is right there are people out there like me I shouldn't have to walk alone . I have had my share of problems and there is somebody out there who has had CANCER Lost a loved one to it ( an AUNT, GREAT GRANDFATHER and I almost was me.) Who adopted because they couldn't have children MAYBE THAT IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO THEIR MIGHT BE A LITTLE GIRL OUT THEIR WHO NEEDS ME AND I NEED HER. WHO is ignored by family member sfor what ever reason.
I am so glad I got to here the prophet and others talk the last few days and hear the choir sing I sang along with them even thought I have a cold and a squeaky voice.
but it was worth watching and listening even Rainey sat and was asking us questions on certain topics.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Was it something I said or did

Noah has been doing better in school these last few days. He gets to shake a dice twice for good behavior and those are his points for the week it he has a bad day we shake it twice and deduct points.
He has been pleasant to talk to play with the other night he prayed that he would behave better in school so mom or teacher wouldn't be made it seems to have worked lets hope he can keep up the good behavior until summer vacation

I've been tagged

Michelle gave me the letter "P"
here it goes
10 things that start with "p"
1 Parents ( heavenly and earthly)
2 Patience ( I need a lot of it)
3 Pretending ( this is fun with Nicholas)
4 Pregnancy ( I'm not but hoping to be soon)
5 Play time ( with my kids and husband)
6 Popcorn( my favorite snack)
7 Pretzels( I like the shape and taste of fresh baked ones.)
8 Problems( we all need them to make us stronger)
9 Prayers ( we all need them in our life to get through the problems)
10 Priesthood power( it is an awesome thing glad I have a priesthood holder in my house)

I tag who ever want to do this again with whatever letter they want here is a challenge do it with all 26 letters 1 for each letter

Monday, March 30, 2009

How safe is your child's school

apparently my kids school is not a safe one. today Noah had to sit by the principals' office on a bench during an assembly and no body was watching him. you know Noah nobody watches him and well he is off. He had wandered outside and sat on the benches outside. Thank goodness a parent found him out side and brought him back in and asked if he went to that school. I am so glad nobody took him or he started walking home himself.
There is also a lunch aide other parents have filed a police report on. This aide has left bruises on a kid, kicked another but still works at the school.
I am seriously thinking of pulling them out of that school and putting them into another.
I am hoping to get them into the school that a few ladies from church send their kids so please tell me the name of the school and what you like about it . I am hoping to get them in for next year.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Firm a Foundation

I have been watching You Tube lately . I like listening to As Sisters in Zion / We'll Bring The World His Truth and it is such a beautiful song. I decided to read the comments they were good. I decided to watch some more songs and I can not believe some of negativity that is on there. Some were from a missionary who left his mission after 6 months . I got to the point after reading them do I believe what I am being taught . There was even one that said so things we did in the Temple that was totally wrong.
I am so glad I have that FIRM FOUNDATION in my life. WE all need that to stand up when we are being brought down by our every day surroundings. I am glad I know the church is true .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday . 29 years old. I have gone through alot in my lifetime But if you ask me if I could go back in time and change anything I would say I wouldn't change anything. My trials are on;y making me a stronger person .
So today I am going to watch twilight I got it for my birthday after I am done deconstructing my basement. I am loving the hardwood floors I have and I am enjoying these homeimprovment projects.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am sick of my carpet and I knew there was Hardwood floors underneath . So yesterday after a bad day I went to work I moved the furniture out of the dining room got a steak knife and cut, pulled and took out the tack strip. I did all the dining room. Scott was upset that I did it myself because I don't ask for help and I moved the heavy furniture myself. So I will be sore the next few days I still have the living room to do. Thank goodness he is on vacation to help.
I like the looks of the floor underneath I don't know why carpet was laid done.
I can't wait until it is all done. The was a layer of sand under the carpet and my allergies won't be bad this year since the carpet won't trap the dirt dust and pollen. Plus it was starting to rot underneath from the various spills of juice and stuff.
I found out I like deconstructing . I should join a demolition team.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A fun tag I found

Found this on a new blog I discovered

Restrictions and Limitations:

1. I make guarantees that you will like what I make! (you know i am real creative )
2. What I create will be just for you. (and I will match your personality if I know you )
3. It will be done this year.( I promise you that yo will get it by July )
4. You have no clue what it's going to be, because I don't even know what it's going to be! ( I don't know yet either I have no ideas until I see the names of the 3)
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. ( I don't do strange just unique )

The Catch: You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who comment on your post and agree to do the same!So get ready for your mystery treat... but be prepared to share the love! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you get when you get it.

Have fun with this I can't wait to see who I am designing for .

Friday, March 20, 2009

Girls night

I was fun just a few people. One sister even brought a cake lite candles and sung me Happy Birthday even though it was a few days early. We sat around and talked and the topic was bad neighbor hoods we have been to and our dream houses. The kids want one with an elevator. My dream house would be one with a few more rooms let say 6-7 so I can have a guest room and a nursery so if I have another baby in the future it would have its own room for awhile. Lorraine slept in a bassinet in our kitchen for the first few months then shared a room with my sis in law who lived with us to help me out I was having a difficult pregnancy with Noah she wanted out of her house then came Noah they always shared a room when I had Nicholas he slept in our room.
We move here and she got her own room she is not liking it so she wants a sister to share it with.
I would also want a room for a guest room so when family visits they wouldn't have to sleep in the living room or cold tiled basement floor on air mattresses . I would also like a big kitchen with counter space I love to cook but i have no room to do it. A nice size bathroom with a garden tub big enough I could sink right into and wash the stress away. A nice size yard to have a big garden and a tree with a bench under it to read. But most of all a house full of love and no contention .
that is my dream house. i may never get it. I am hoping Scott can get a better paying job I can buy a few acres and build my own house on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why do I keep this blog

It seemed like a fun thing to do at first. Let everybody have a glimpse of my life. Just a glimpse nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors. It has been a way for me to keep in contact with my friends who have moved. A chance for me to get much needed advice and laughs.
I think I will let you in a little further into my life. It has not been going so great lately. I am living with severe depression so right now every little thing sets me off. Noah has been getting in trouble more and more at school it is to the point I am yanking him out and not sending him back . Rainey thinks she is the little mother and can yell at her brothers and be mean to them. She thinks she can have her own way no matter what. She is in for an attitude adjustment . Nicholas has started to yell and scream at the top of his lungs when I tell him no the other day he got mad at me and pulled out a clump of my hair. Where does it end. I am at my wits end I can 't sleep I barley eat I don't care how I look. I haven't really cleaned my house In 2 weeks since I have been sick . The last day I cleaned it was a few hours before I got sick I ask my kids and husband to help and they pick up a few things and that is it. But Scott will clean out the cat box and sweep up the mess baxter throws out of it.
The only good thing that happened today was I was making a treat to bring to a girls night out and nicholas was helping and he got a little taste he liked it so much he brought me the bowl with his other hand dipped in it then liked his little fingers
I am not saying which one. Just know it was kid approved

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss me Im Irish

I really am . While doing family history I found a great great uncle many times over served in the Irish Parliment in the 1430's .
I have also found out many interesting facts about my family. My ancestors were some of the original pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock. I also have one that wrote the song High On A Mountain Top. I am related to Joseph Smith. One of my relatives was the first baptism Brigham Young did. I am also an Indian Princess for the Iroquois Tribe. I may not look like it But if you saw my dad and brother the Dark Indian skin and deep brown eyes on my brother .
I am glad I know these cool facts I need to dig further and get their Temple work done.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Is a great felling. I have a friend who has MS real bad and diabetes . Her son is a friend of my kids. He car died she has no money to get it fixed. So since School got back in session from Christmas break I drove him to and from school every day for almost 2 weeks. . Her boyfriend the son's father has a real old van that he fixed up and everything was well . Well the last 2 days I had to take him home. She was crying on the phone she has no transportation for her son to get him to school. She can't get a loan to get a used vehicle . I offered to get him and take him back she said no I can't do that to you. I wish I had the money to help a great friend in need. I f any of you have a car for sale or know of someone who does let me know. She can't afford more than 1200.00 that is all she can save up . She lives on disability checks.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We all must work together. I was in Relief Society Sunday. And It was sparse. Courtney's in laws asked is that it. We had maybe 10 counting her in laws. The last few Sundays we have been getting smaller. Our goal as a Relief Society is to get the room to standing room only. We have so many inactive sisters total number of sisters in our records is 135. I urge all of you to do your Visiting teaching.
The song As sisters in Zion was written by 2 pioneer women. One day on the trail they asked what they could do to make the burden light of others and as they were talking the words came to mind and they shared it with all the sisters that were with them. It has always been one of my favorite songs since I entered the Relief Society almost 11 years ago.
We all must work together to build up the kingdom. We will see the blessings as we do. My goal is to get 100% this month what is yours?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Splish splash

is what I can do in my basement. The water is every where and the only thing I can do for it is let my laundry pile absorb the stuff in the laundry room . Put down towels around the other corners. Come tax money I am tearing up the walls and redoing them so it won't leak . I don't mind a trickle but when it gushes there is a problem.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When Noah is caring

Sunday while I was in my Feverish state I would scream if somebody touched me their hands were like ice just out of the deep freeze. Scott was so worried he said if the fever climbed any higher we were going right to the ER for an Ice Bath . When Scott left the room Noah was in tears Rainey said whats wrong Noah Said I don't want mommy to go tot the hospital if she goes her be dead. I was in to much pain to laugh. He cares sometimes a little to much. I guess I want my son not to be afraid to show his emotions . I love Noah so much.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Favorite things

When I am sick I like being comforted by my favorite things. My favorite pajama pants. They have penguins on them. Had them since I got married. My favorite sweatshirt. My favorite blanket. Most of all my favorite dish Neapolitan Ice cream . For breakfast lunch and dinner. To bad I am so stuffed up I can't enjoy the flavors. Also my favorite drink Hot Chocolate to soothe my sore throat.
What do you do when you are sick?

Monday, March 2, 2009

on the mend

My fever finally broke at 6 am . I am just still tired . My throat is sore from all the coughing. My cold went right to my lungs and due to my asthma I have to cough really hard to clear them open. My head feels like it is going to explode. I used almost a whole box of tissue today out of 200 there is 4 left. I hate cold hot cold hot weather . Next to come my allergy season. yeah me

Sunday, March 1, 2009


was good i want to see it again. it doesn't help when you have people who have seen it there and spoiling it for those who haven't seen it.
In other news my fever spiked to 103.00 last night it won't go down past 101 without thr aid of Tylenol.
Scott has been a big help today letting me sleep all day .

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Along hot and sweaty night

If you read the title you might think I am talking about the love making with Scott well I am not. I started running a fever about 5:30 pm last night. Even sitting by the hot stove was not helping me get warm. Took my temperature it was100.3 Scott came home I went into the tub to see if that would not work. Ran all hot water nothing so I got out got dressed and laid on the couch. I finally fell asleep at 10:15 after watching a new show at 9pm on CBS called Flash point . I recommend it . It is about hostage negotiators Makes you have a new found respect for what they do. Put their lives in danger everyday. Anyway I woke up at 12am soaking wet and a huge headache. I got up about hit the floor glad I new where the chair was . I took a couple Tylenol turned on the tv. watched it for a bit. Then I made a pallet on the living room floor. Before I laid down I took my temp. again it was 102.3 . I tried to cover up I would get hotter kicked them off slept in my underclothes. Scott woke up at 1:30 to check on me he said my hair was soaked and I had no blanket on me. I woke up at 3 wet again from sweating . Laid on the couch put a blanket on me because at that point I was cold. Woke up at 7:15 when the kids got up and well I am back to normal. WHo knows why I was running a fever.
I am glad it broke because I have plans with mom in law and sis in law to see Twilight for the first time. I save the movies I want to see for the second run theaters so if I don't like them I am not out 10 dollars just 2 so I have the other 8 for a snack.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hummus and Winnings

Scott wanted Hummus so I decided to see if we couldn't make it. I found a recipe and we bought the stuff to make it . I never liked the stuff . So I thought I made it I will try it. I kind of like it homemade. We added garlic and crushed red pepper and scallions. Less garlic and scallion for me.
Then we went to the School for a program on reading and spelling for little kids. It was very informative and fun. Noah one a prize and so did Scott . Noah won a magnetic board and some abc magnets and shape magnets to learn with. Scott one a 20 dollar gift card to borders . That has been the highlight of my day.

Monday, February 23, 2009


went bumper bowling today with his class. It was a fun outing for him. He got 75 points he did really well. I might have a bowling pro soon
forgot camera so I couldn't get pictures

Tic Tock Tic tock

went the clock this morning. I have been up since 2 am sometimes I am able to go back to sleep by 4 but not this morning it came at 545 and I had to be up by 630 to get my kids ready to be out the door by 8 for school.
I am dragging my feet. Wish I can go back to sleep but Nicholas really doesn't nap and he causes trouble when I nod off.
Make matters worse Scott I home sick today. He got up at 2 also but he was in the bathroom for 2 hours . I blame it on the Peanut butter granola bar he had . So another reason is I am worried about him. He is one to get dehydrated quickly when he is like this. Everything he tries to eat or drinks comes right back up. So please say a prayer for my sick hubby and my family.

Friday, February 20, 2009

25 things about me

1 I don't answer to the nickname Missy ( only my uncle can call me that)
2 I love to cook
3 I read anything I can get my hands on
4 I am almost done witting a children 's book
5 I love to decorate cakes
6 I am a very creative person
7 I never wanted to get married or have kids
8 Then I met Scott 12 years ago and we have been married almost 8 years
9 I am a 9 year cancer survivor
10 I am relaxed when it comes to keeping a clean house
11 due to the fact I hate house work
12 I gave up a bank manager's job to have a family
13 I was inactive for 5 years from church before I decided to go back.
14 since my coming back I have gained a strong testimony
15 I hate coming out of my comfort zone. But when I do I make friends.
16 I have never really traveled outside of the US Canada a couple times.
17 My dream in life is to travel all over Europe and Asia and see the St Peterersberg Cathedral in Russia
18 I want to run a business out of my home
19I was told I couldn't have children I have been blessed with 3
20 I can oil paint
21 I can not sew on a sewing machine.
22 my father helped in the building of the Jordan river temple.
23 because of that that was the temple I was sealed to my parents in 23 years ago.
24 I am the oldest of 5 siblings 1 sister 3 brothers
25 out of the5 only 2 are active me and my little bro

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am spoiled

Scott has taken a vacation from work. Well he has started spring cleaning for me. Organizing the living room moving furniture so i can clean under it and vacuum under it. Helped me in the kitchen by drying dishes and putting them away. I am able to soak in the tub and sleep in while he tends to the kids. to bad it ends Wednesday. He will be putting boxes in the attic so I can finally get my basement ready to entertain company . We are even fixing up our fireplace with taxes so we can start having fires down there.
Sorry to tell you about my wonderful guy. I love him to death and would be lost with out him.
Love you very much Scott

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day

I got a great gift . Scott helped with house work. he helped me fold laundry, cleaned kitchen, cleaned bathroom. Then he let me soak in the tub as long as I wanted. Then I spent most of the day caring for a sick little girl. Her fever finally broke this morning (feb 15) it was 103.3 Friday and it is now 98.4 .
I also got a good back rub.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can you feel the love tonight?

That is my new piece I am working on for piano lessons it is coming along really well . I am glad I am keeping them up . I am having so much fun with them.
Lorraine is even doing well. She was so upset Saturday after she slammed her brother's fingers in the door she sat at the piano and started to make something up it was really good. You can tell her moods but what notes she was playing and how slow or fast she was doing them. Noah is even doing that when he gets upset. I think I have some musical children. I told Scott I have a few words . Jillard school of preforming arts. For dance and piano. We better start saving now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day in the life of Mel

I get up then I get dressed. Get 3 kids up and fight with them to get dressed. Then I get breakfast for Nicholas and me.If they want cold lunch then make them. Get shoes and coats gathered for 3 kids . Drive them to school early so Rainey and Noah can eat a full breakfast at school. Come home and get house work done. Make lunch for 2 try and get Nicholas to nap . Leave to get the other 2 from school . Depending on the day drop rainey of at ballet. Come home get homework started or try to get them to do it. Make dinner . Then if it is Tuesday piano that night. Then get them ready for bed. put them to bed then crash or she what show is on.
that is a typical day in the life of mel

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When will the holidays end

Since thanksgiving it has been non stop. We had thanksgiving then Christmas then Nicholas 's birthday a day after then New years then Noah's birthday a few days later Lorraine's birthday now to day we have Scott' s birthday. Then on Saturday we have What I call Love day . Why do we need one day to show love should we not be showing it every day . Then I get a little break until my birthday which is the end of March(25) . Then We get into passover, Easter, Mother's day another one where why do we need 1 day we should be thankful for them all year around, then my Anniversary then memorial day father's day I hope you catch my drift.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My poor baby

got 2 of his fingers smashed in his sister's bedroom door. Thankful I know a Doctor who came over at 730 yesterday morning to examine my little guys hand. thankfully nothing was broken and he told me how to take care of it. So he is wearing a wrap to keep it dry and the many bandaids we have to put on it. I am thankful for this dr

Friday, February 6, 2009

When a teacher cares

I wrote a note to Lorraine's teacher at school last Monday telling her that we were putting spot down. So if Lorraine looked upset or started to cry for no reason that was the reason. Today she asked me how Lorraine was doing and I said best she can. Well today Lorraine got a sympathy card
I didn't even know they made them for the loss of a pet. Well she wrote Lorraine a nice little note saying she knew how felt. Her teacher has 2 cats. Her and her Husband even made a memorial contribution in spot's name to the Veterinary Hospital at MSU.
I really like this teacher she is really caring of her students and how the fell. Wish there were more teachers like that out there .

My first born

is now 7. The time has gone by Quickly . Grandma and Grandpa Jamison are coming tomorrow to take her to CiCi's for lunch and they bought her an ice cream cake . They got her Pictionary Junior since she likes drawing and hangman so they thought this would be a fun game she can play. I know this because it was up to me to find it. This is one of my favorite picturesof her . I was wondering where the laundry basket of her clothes went I found her sound asleep in it .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When mom is sick the world stops

I have been diagnosed with strep throat. I took Nicholas to the dr yesterday because he was sick . Some how I caught it. Urgh. I can't talk or eat. I had to choke down juice to take my big pills. I have house work that needs to be down I hear my pillow saying lay down you want to . I can't I have a little boy at home who refuses to nap unless we are in the car waiting for school to get out.
I think chores can wait and when lids get home Rainey is in charge. I am going to bed

Baxter Picture

Here he is . Right now he loves under the bed. Last night was like having a new baby in the house. Mew Mew Mew all night But they are so cute. He ventured out this morning . Hopefully it won't take long for him to get used to us.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baxter Kelsifer Jamison

is a new addition to our house. Before we put Spot down I was looking online and came across an animal rescue in Eastpointe. I saw a kitten and fell in love instantly. I put in the application thinking well 3 hyper kids they would say sorry. Well the morning Spot was ready to go to be put down I looked at my email and saw one from the shelter and they said Baxter is yours.
He is a tabby and white with a little bit of brown and black on him.
He came to our house a while ago and he is hiding in my room. Smokey heard the little meows and investigated she is by my closed door trying to see the new kitten
He is 6 months old . He is soft and he is somewhat easing the pain my kids have after we lost spot.
I will post pictures as soon as I can take some of him

Monday, February 2, 2009

teaching by a 3 year old

Saturday was tough for us plenty of tears were shed .
Rainey had the toughest time. She did cry this hard when her great grandma died last year I think it was because we really couldn't see her she was in a home and had Alzheimer real bad.
Nicholas looked atRainey gave her a hug and said it is alright
spot is with Jesus . Mom who is Jesus is he the person who lives in my body and jumps up and down when I am good.
He gets so excited to go to primary now he runs off to the room . the other day he sang me I am a child of God that brought tears to my eyes because a few short years ago that is where he was.
Today when I got dressed he goes mom why do you need paper boobs ( referring to my garment top) then he asked why i need a bra . I learned today he is to smart for his own good. and not to get dressed when he is in the room

Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Memoriam - Spot

In Memoriam: Spot

At about 8:45AM on 31 January 2009, Spot was put to rest at the Detroit Michigan Humane Society. He was a loving cat and a true companion. While my heart still breaks, knowing that he was almost a completely healthy cat, the tumor on his head continued to grow throughout the previous twelve months.

While speaking with the veterinarian who handled the process, she confirmed that the best thing for us to do was to allow him to go to rest.

The children were all sad to some degree or another; Rainey was almost inconsolable throughout the process, knowing what was happening. Noah continued to ask us afterward if we "could go see Spot again".

Thank you, Spot, for the companionship and for waking me up at night getting on top of me... fond memories. I know that I will remember you and miss you, and so will all the Jamisons.

Friday, January 30, 2009


is a day I am not looking forward to. I only have a few hours left before I have to say goodbye to my beloved companion spot. He was such a skittish cat when we got him. He warmed up to me since I was home all day and trying to show him love. Wherever I was he was right behind me. If I was having a bad day there he was on my lap purring.
Since I didn't want to focus to much on the loss of him today I put myself to work. I cleaned and cleaned. I really can see the floor . It is void of stuff and it is put where it belongs kitchen has been organized boys bedroom has been cleaned and vacuumed . Now I have to do mine .
I am not looking forward to it. He slept under my bed on my bed in my basket. He is everywhere.
I hope I can find a kitten to fill the void I have.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am sick of it. It has put a damper on my day. I wanted to go grocery shopping and clothes shopping well I am stuck in my house waiting for it to stop so I can shovel. hope it does soon so I can get kids and take Rainey to ballet . The only bad thing about all this snow is it isn't good enough to build anything with the kids are disappointed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Will be put down Saturday. It was a real hard choice. My daughter does nothing but cry about it. I think she is afraid if she was real sick like he is we would do it to her. I try to tell her there is nothing we can do for him he is in a lot of pain and we can't afford the treatments plus if we could he wouldn't survive . We love that cat I know we are doing the right thing right now he is doing nothing but sleeping and hiding. He eats and then goes back to sleep . Last night he wouldn't even come to bed with me. He always runs to my room and jumps on the bed with me. I missed that last night. Smokey spends the day meowing for him and he won't come.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday again

I had a long weekend. It started on Friday. The kids and Scott had the day off so we went to Grandma's early. She was surprised. Saturday I went with mi Mom sister Noah and Nephews shopping and out to lunch . I got to know my oldest nephew better. He is nine and a smart kid. He was telling me all about planets and stars. I hope he never loses his interest in them.
I also went on a DATE with Scott no kids. Then we had a birthday celebration for Noah. He got lots of toys and clothes. He loved the rubik's cube. My sis in law messed it up and Scott tried for 3 hours to put it back together and well still not there .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


will be 6 years old in a few days . He has come along way. I found a picture of him when he was just 3 years old the only difference is he now wears glasses. and his hair is blonder. He is taller and smarter. I looked in his take home folder and he is learning how to write numbers 10 20 ect up to 100 and he has come along way since he first started school. He is getting out of the rough patches and starting to behave. He also helped me clean the few days they were off due to the weather. I guess that week long grounding did work school home dinner and no tv no fun days . I took away the things that he enjoyed doing. It worked . The light switch finally flickered on
for his birthday he wanted a Rubik's cube. Went to 2 different stores and I finally found it. I told him I couldn't find it. He will be surprised come his birthday. His Birthday is the 26

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Movie Marathon:

Hello! This is Scott, and I get to guest-blog tonight. I wanted to tell you all about an enjoyable family day spent on Saturday. The morning was for chores, as it usually is on a Saturday. Melissa and I felt rather stressed out recently though, and we thought to find a way to enjoy ourselves and try to relax.

We thought of more than a few methods to have fun, but kept rejecting them because of the weather. Melissa wanted to go out with Noah, since he's been behaving better lately, but the snow was flying hard. We thought about watching a movie, but thought better of that too. We then hit on a solution... get a bit of candy and popcorn for the kids and have a movie marathon.

While I do miss the fact that the children aren't younger sometimes, it was nice that the two older ones were interested in the movies that we decided on. We ended up having a Hayao Miyazaki marathon. We have a few of the movies around the house, including "My Neighbor Totoro", "Kiki's Delivery Service", and the two movies we watched: "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle".

All three kids were interested in the first film, "Spirited Away". It's amazing, because if there is one complaint that I may have about it, it's long... over two hours. But the only possible reason I'd complain about the length is if I have a child with a short attention span, and all three kids managed to not only sit through it but to enjoy it quite a bit! I hadn't had a chance to watch it yet, and I was absolutely enthralled by it. While there are a few scenes that can be graphic, overall I quite liked it.

After a short break of dinner and shoveling snow, the second film was "Howl's Moving Castle". Nicholas was the one that wasn't quite able to sit through the second film, but the older two children both stayed still and stayed awake. All in all, we spent over four hours watching movies. The kids were more than happy to tell me their favorite characters... Noah enjoyed the turnip-headed scarecrow and the old witch from "Howl", while Rainey also enjoyed the scarecrow and the huffy dog.

All in all, I think that I will remember the movie marathon too. Not only were the movies enjoyable and memorable, watching the movies with my children and wife made them even more enjoyable!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My new toy

Scott got me a new vacuum cleaner. It is a bag less one. It has a HEAPA filter which works for me and my many allergies. I used it this morning. Boy my floors we dirty. I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw all the dirt and cat hair and stuff in the canister . I love it love it love it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kids day off

I let them have the day off Jan.13 I was not in the best condition to drive them. Plus they are getting over nasty colds. One kid had a slight fever. Plus it was cold with the wind blowing. Well it was fun. I got the living room clean and dining room clean well the next thing I know out come the legos and they went flying all over the front room. The playdough went everywhere also . Rainey caught a 12 hour bug so it was good she stayed home yesterday.
Today is colder but I made them go. They will be inside the school all day where as yesterday they had to go outside.
When will this weather end. I am sick of shoveling and scraping the car off every morning and praying it will start and the doors are not frozen shut.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am sick of

being sick . Ever since the new year started I have had a sore throat I can't get rid of . Scott has stayed home once to help me .I was coughing so hard that day I could n't catch my breath.I thought I was over the sore throat but no I still have it.
Today is cold and only going to get colder so I kept my kids home from school. Big mistake they are causing trouble since they got up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

When enough is enough

I am sick of all the fighting that is going on at my house between siblings and mom and kids. I am sick of asking family members to do things and flat out get ignored so things don't get done. I am sick of chasing kids all over church because they don't know the word sit and they are over 3 .
I am also sick of them thinking they can just butter up to me and it will make it all better . It dosn't it is making it worse. SO I AM ON STRIKE . THEY THINK THEY DON"T NEED ME WELL I AM GOING TO SHOW THEM THEY DO

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rainey learned a hard lesson

She learned last night why I tell them that can't be playing with the appliances. I have been sick lately and I can hardly talk. She wanted to make her some more toast. I said no she didn't hear me. We have just a toaster oven and she has used my dish towels to get out the toast . Last night she decided to use a Kleenex it burst into flames as Scott came in the door. I have never seen him run that fast. Next thing I hear is a high pitch squeal it was Rainey screaming I thought she got hurt when she dropped the Kleenex on the floor . No she was just really scared . Now she saw why I say no playing in the kitchen. I am lucky Scott came home when he did or I wouldn't have a home left .

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nicholas is

POTTY TRAINED FINALLY. WE CAME BACK FROM VACATION AND HE WENT RIGHT TO IT SOON NO MORE DIAPERS I put him in one at night but during the day he is in what he calls his unders .

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My very sick cat

He has a cancerous tumor and the area around the tumor is infected we know this because we took him to the vet today . He hasn't been himself lately . So he is on some meds and has to wear the cone collar to keep him from scratching it open more. I am really sad due to the fact his is mine best buddy. The vet said if the tumor doesn't go down well we will have to put him down because we can't afford 2 grand to make him better the surgery will cost 500.00 then we run into the pathologist report them the other meds to help him out .

Friday, January 2, 2009

WII and PS2 Fun

For Christmas I got a game called Game Party for the Wii it is fun you can play darts trivia shuffle board glass pong ( aka beer pong with shot glasses minus the binge drinking) hoops air hockey skill ball it is fun to play with 2 players you can pick some outrageous characters to play as I have been a panda Santa Claus and last night scott was a guy wearing a bunny tie and shoes that looked like bunnies .

I also got Indiana Jones Lego Adventures for the PS2 that one is fun we purposly die and fall off cliff just to see the lego dudes fall apart and build themselves back up. Plus you get to build things out of Legos . These are 2 games I reccomend for the WII and PS2
I know the kids and I get a kick out of them.