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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our mini vacation

I decided Friday morning to go somewhere for the day on Saturday leave early in the morning and get home late. Our destination Cleveland Metro Park Zoo. If you haven't been there it is worth going . Admission cost for our family was 41.00, cheaper than Detroit zoo. The drive was well worth it. A hour before the zoo we got stuck in a storm we saw the lightning and heard the thunder and the rain came down in sheets. the speed on the road was 60 but because of the rain it dropped to 20 if you were lucky. Every so far had to hit brakes to not stall out in the huge puddles that collected on the highway. Got to the zoo it was still raining hard. So we bought our tickets that included the zoo and their indoor Rain forest something I know and Scott thought we had to pay extra. We went into the rain forest. We were greeted by a 25 foot waterfall trees and plants that grow in the rain forest animals from different rain forests around the world. The building was 2 stories you either used the stairs elevator or climbed up a tree. Kids did the tree climbing . I did Nicholas and the elevator
We left that and then we went back outside still raining by that time it was noon. So we found a pavilion and had our picnic lunch I brought. It finally stopped raining.
First exhibit in the zoo was a Persian leopard he was cute. We heard him kind of growl then meow. So for the next few minutes Nicholas was imitating it and people thought that was cute.
Saw some monkeys. Saw 4 black rhinos 3 females 1 male they are huge. we saw sharks and fish( some of the fish were bigger than my kids.) from around the world, monkeys from around the world. One monkey was playing with the kids. He would follow Noah then run away and come back really fast and hit the glass were Noah and Rainey were standing this went on for about 5 minutes the kids drew a crowd even the keeper thought that was cute. We saw a Foosa( they are mentioned in the movie Madagascar ) It looks like cat but is related to the mongoose instead. He was on the exersising wheel with his front feet and his back feet looked like they were dancing . We also saw Reindeer wolves beavers camels and a huge collection of bears ( they have the biggest collection of any zoo).
We saw a koala he was new so you had to be quite not to disturb him and a tree Kangaroo. We also rode the tram back to the entrance for fee.
We stopped for dinner at a place called Steve ie B's in woodhaven Mi . It is all you can eat pizza buffet. For dessert I had Smore Pizza It was so good I wanted more but decided not to .
During this trip my morning sickness crept back up I was glad they had bathrooms at every area we went to. The zoo was divied itno sections. You have your African safari, Northren treck, Outback Adventures, and Primates and Aquatics.
This trip was eorth it we create dlasting family memories.
I will post picutures later when I get them off the camera.

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Hilary said...

Sounds like a great time!!