I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A bonding time with husband

I am trying to put my life and finances in order. I went to office depot and bought a desk. I di not know it would take over 3 hours to put together but it was fun. First step it took us 15 minutes to figure out why the first 2 pieces didn't fit. My fault I handed him the wrong piece but after that we did it. We were done by 1245am Sunday.
It was fun we spent the time together and working together as a couple. Today he has been very helpful he noticed how bad the the tub and shower was getting and he noticed that me knelling over is hard so he scrubbed that. He noticed a bad smell coming from the garbage can and saw it was growing it's own food he scrubbed that out. He said I am sorry I don't help out around the house that much. But hey he brings home the money works hard and goes to school then comes home and helps with the kids He is a KEEPER.
I also set up a budgeting system and handed SCOTT ALL MY PLASTIC here is living to being debt free

Monday, August 24, 2009


SCOTT got word today that his company lost a contract and It doesn't look good .
He needs to keep his job or we are so screwed. This didn't come at a good time. In 4 months there will be a baby to take care of. Plus the other kids. I can't get a job what we have saved is enough for 1 house payment if it came to that . I don't know what to do. Right now I need all the help and support I can get .

Roughing it

I got back from camping with the kids and inlaws. It was quite an eventful time.
Tuesday left my house and got to Caseville Mi about 2 pm after a couple detours. Caseville is in the thumb real small town but a somewhat nice campground. Pitched the tent and got our campsite set up. Inlaws have a nice trailer they use. Went to the beach can go out almost 500 feet and stil the water won't come to your waist. Nicholas jumped right in and rode the waves .
Wind was hard that night.
Wednesday Inlaws had company and ingnoered us. Stuff was said to me by father in law not worth repeating just very hurtfull.
Rain fell that night very hard.
Thursday went to the town of Bad Axe and saw the Branch that serves Huron County and saw the Missionaries tracting downtown.
Friday while at the laundry mat read a guide on vacationing in Huron County found a nice resturant to eat out. Scott and I had a Date . Noah asked if he could come to I said no mom and dad haven't had a night out in a long time and they need it. Rainey chimed in THEY HAVEN"T HAD ENOUGH SEX EITHER boy was I red where she learned that one i don't know on the way to the resturant we saw a mom and baby deer , a pheasent cross the road in front of us and wild turkies in the field and a falcon stalking its prey . Also at the park across from the camp site we saw an albino squirel . was up to 3am that night due to the campers behind us they were drunk and rude.
Saturday Took the kids to a really neat park I found in the vacationing guide and Mom in law came with us. Then we took her to lunch It was fun. THat night it poured all night.
Sunday packed up and came home.
I am tan on my arms burned on my back from the beach it was fun. Tired from sleeping on an air mattress and getting up every 3 hours to use the bathroom had to walk to them thank goodness my campsite was a 30 -45 second walk depending on how fast I walked.
I learned to pack slippers my feet got so swollen that i coundn't wear my sandals or flip flops so while in Bad axe found a walmart and bought a pair of slippers . THey are so nice I wore them rest of the trip and boy do they need a bath.
For the most part I had funseeing the kids playing on the beach and enjoying theirselves . Nicholas was fun to watch he wasn't afraid to go in he jumped right in rode the wave came back up and rode more. he was mad I mad him get out after an hour in the water. They were covered each night in sand from the beach or the park.
I would do this again in a heartbeat but with out my father in law he is such a mood killer if you are having a good time he will find a way to kill it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Putting a smile on a little girls face.

A couple weeks ago I had a barrette in my hair. It was a purple butterfly. A little girl came up to me and said she loved it put a smile on her face and left. She is such a sweet little spirit always has a smile on her face. I taught her in nursery and helped her adjust. Her spirit lights up my afternoon. So today I gave her my favorite barrette and put a smile on her face . It felt good to do that for her. I hope she enjoys it.

A fun busy weekend

My brother is in town and we are having fun playing rock band 2 and I bought the country pack so we were rocking to the country songs . We went to Henry Ford and had fun there and we pulled up carpet in Rainey's room. My Baxter peeded everywhere in the room. SO I talked to the agancy I adopted him from . She said lock him in a room with his food and litter box for up to 30 days so he can adjust himself. So we did that. I hope it works. Tommorow I will be packing for a weeklong vacation . I am roughing it with my kids and hubby before school starts up again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a kicking

and an active one. Today I had a checkup and it has a heartbeat of 152 and it was kicking away the Dr and I felt it and we heard it . I think it was saying get that thing off of me.
Ultrasound date is the 2 we are thinking pink.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A fun date night

With everything that has been going on baby on the way , getting ready to go back to elementary school for the older 2 and college for hubby and worrying about my father in law I put my life on the back burner. I haven't taken time for me and my Hubby . So I told him this during our daily lunch email exchanges. So last night we went to the store and got Chocolate chips and made my Aunt's Famous cookies. You haven't had a good chocolate chip cookie until you tried these they are still soft and gooey and It is almost 5pm and I finished them at 10pm last night. I need an excuse to make these again any of you ladies interested in getting together for a night out .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My dad

is a talented man.
He makes furniture by hand. He sees a picture he likes he can make it. He is so good that local furniture stores want him to make it for them.
Right now he is in Roseville . His work is at Jasens Fine Furniture at 11 and gratiot.
He has entrainment centers there. I know this because he made a surprise visit to me yesterday after he got done dropping them off.
So far from him I have a ceder chest a dresser a jewelry box a kitchen table a changing table he even did toy boxes for my kids with there names carved in them.
His work is on a coast guard ship in baptist churches Methodist churches basically all over the Us and in Canada .
I am proud of my Dad.
If you are looking for a particular piece and can't find what you like he is your man. He will do it in any wood or color you want. Drop me a line and I will give you his contact info or go to Jasens and talk to them to see the work and they take orders for it also .
He does this out of his home.
AND Yes he does ship it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My version of a mastercard commercial

Mini golfing with kids 20.00
buying groceries for family 45.00( I love Aldis )
using extra money to buy a game for the family to enjoy 30.00( rock band 2)
spending the weekend with family having a blast PRICELESS