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I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Friday, July 31, 2009

A stress free week

I love my mother in law. She has always been there for me. She is kind and understanding.
This week I got a call Sunday night . I have the week off and I want to take your kids. I will take them one at a time. So Monday Rainey went came back Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon after dropping off Rainey she took Noah . He came home Wednesday evening. Thursday my Sister in Law had to have her tonsils out. SO she stayed home to babysit her. Today she is getting Nicholas and bringing him home Saturday and staying to visit for rest of the day. I have been able to give my house a good scrubbing and spend time with the kids . There has been no fitting ,no arguing ect.
There was a little but not as much. My kids needed 1 on 1 time to see that they are loved in their own way. Today I am taking Rainey and Noah miniture golfing. Then we are going to do the dreaded back to School shopping for them and Daddy .

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Hilary said...

What a great mother in law!! That's fantastic that she was able to do that for you. . . I'm glad that you were able to enjoy yourself this week and count your blessings!