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Monday, March 30, 2009

How safe is your child's school

apparently my kids school is not a safe one. today Noah had to sit by the principals' office on a bench during an assembly and no body was watching him. you know Noah nobody watches him and well he is off. He had wandered outside and sat on the benches outside. Thank goodness a parent found him out side and brought him back in and asked if he went to that school. I am so glad nobody took him or he started walking home himself.
There is also a lunch aide other parents have filed a police report on. This aide has left bruises on a kid, kicked another but still works at the school.
I am seriously thinking of pulling them out of that school and putting them into another.
I am hoping to get them into the school that a few ladies from church send their kids so please tell me the name of the school and what you like about it . I am hoping to get them in for next year.


NatalieHemingway said...

Melissa, I think you're thinking about Koepsell. It's in South Lake district. I just applied for Sofia for next year.

Jen B. said...

Big OOPS on the school's part.