I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day with Rainey

Today was a day that started out bad . Rainey was cleaning her room and showed us some glass then I noticed her holding some Toliet paper. I asked her what was wrong she showed me . Glass cut her. Little did we know Noah Broke the glass off of her frame and hid it under the bed. Couldn't stop the bleeding so I drove like crazy to her Dr office and they were CLOSED I hate when they close for the weekend when the holiday is Monday . Well I came home she is still bleeding So I called Kendell THurman he was home he came over with a suture kit just in case but he said it didn't need stiches thank goodness she is just wearing butterfly bandages .
So I took her grocery shopping 102.00 dollars later. I stocked up on items for school lunches yes I make them Brown bag it .
Then we went to Amadine's birthday party It was fun she decorated a crown a wand a little hand purse and they got fancy gloves the theme was Fancy Nancy . Brinley was there. She was talking about her mom dying but sister Rachel Hardie ) Told her it was ok her mom will watch over her and keep her safe and that she loves her very much .
THen Rainey and I finished our shopping
Now we are getting ready to watch Nims Island and have Ice Cream .
what started out as a bad day turned out fun .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Noah's antics

he is a real handful right now . Couple weeks ago i was painting my room got it all done put supplies away . I did leave can of paint in the kitchen for scott to take downstairs and put it under the stair cupboard. well it didn't get done. Noah found the paint can opener a paintbrush and went to town he painted the carpet my white wall in the hallway rainey's dool house her wall his feet and walked sown the stairs with paint all over his feet well he said he didn't do it but foot prints tell other wise. yesterday he throw a volleyball at his light cover on the celling to get a penny out of it he also throw in it well he shattered the cover the glass ripped apart the mesh on the toddler rail on nicholas's bed . then I was cooking diner he decided to try and catch a comb and crayon on fire they melted he put them into the flames on the stove . Ever since he learend to talk and walk he has been trouble he likes blaming it all on casper ( our house ghost) or nicholas
Well in 5 days he starts school I hope he learns to behave better

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

worried about rainey

here is our conversation
Rainey : Mom my tummy is grumbling
MOM: did you eat your breakfast
Rainey: yes i did i had a couple bits
Mom : why didn't you eat more
Rainey : because i want to lose weight
Mom : you don't need to lose weight you hardly eat at all
Rainey : I don't want to eat i want to stay skinney to look pretty

She hardly eats anything a couple bites for breakfast a piece of bread for lunch no crust and a couple bites for dinner and i can tell she is not gaining any weight she can still wear a size 4 in pants they just look like capris I am very worried about her I try buying her favorite foods to get her to eat and she takes a bite she is done . I am afaird she is starting to show signs of anorexia i should know I used to be one but i have never talked to her about that time

my fellow friends I Really need help with this subject what should i do

calling at church and listening to the spirit

I was called to be the secretary in relief society last month. It has been a challenge trying to get to know the new sisters in the ward and getting to know there needs because of that we took 3 weeks to do visiting teaching routes first week just trying to partner them up the next 2 who they visit. the hardest part is there is so many inactive sisters compared to active so we had to go by the spirit on who get who . I am so glad for that if we didn't have the spirit to guide us and help us along the way where would we be in our lives today. I know i would be dead . I was involved in a accident 10 years ago i was out visiting family and the tire on the trailer blew and my grandpa over corrected and we started rolling we smashed mailboxes it could of been us going over the mountain in Colorado Springs. I escaped with 4 stitches because a few minutes before that i had the impression to put on my seat belt and move my face from the window I'm glad i did . stitches came from flying glass that hit my arm if i didn't move my face i probly be blind the way it flew it would of hit my eyes .

I also got locked in my moms ceader chest when i was 8 my sister and i were playing hide and seek and i decided to hide in ther well it shut and had an automatic lock and it was a few minutes but to me it was a lifetime my mom got me out she said something told her i was in there i am glad she didn't ignore the spirit
I am glad it is our lives.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Detroit Science Center

They have a new exhibit called kids town . It is designed for ages 1-5 they have a fire house , a theater with costumes kids can put on their shows complete with lights a cash register it has a library a vets office a field house with a ball pit in it it has a water station that is real neat to play with scott and kids sprayed me it has a diner kids can pretend to cook and serve at the counter or at a table it even has an art studio for the budding artists it even has a wiggle room for 2 and under complete with a gate so they can't escape it was real fun . I even did a hands on on the upper floor . I dissected an owl pellet it is not poo it is throw up like cats get hair balls they trow up because they can't digest bones and fur in mine i found an adult mouse skeleton they had charts there so you can match the bones and find out what it was rainey had a blast doing it we have a future dr on our hands . It is a neat place to check out for those who don't know what do do with the kids if it is something you would enjoy doing buy the member ship i have one and i get invites to the new exhibits before they open up .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When it rains it pours

Went in for a well over due oil change a 15 minute one took 1 and 1/2 hours they found a couple problems with my van which is good or i could of really damaged it driving
my tie rod was bad the clamps that hold on my fuel line were gone the mechanic was telling me this i thought it is because i am female and you think i don't know what they are talking about so i was listening i said could you call scott at work and let him know they said sure
well 274.00 dollars later my van is fixed
i am so glad i have a mechanic i can trust he wasn't going to let me drive home yesterday he was worried i would get stranded but i said i don't live to far and he let me go knowing i was not to do my running around i could really damage the van and he didn't want me stranded with 3 kids on the side of the road
good thing me credit cad company raised my limit
things have been tough for us the last year scott is making enough to pay the bills and tithing that is about it we try saving but every time we turn around stuff like this happens
i am so glad we have the church to help us out even if it is just food
i am glad my kids like simple meals

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Future missionaries

Took this today before church They look so handsome

TIme for a much needed change

While on my vacation I was tossing and turning the idea to get my hair cut . Well I did it. I decided to do it Friday during my diner out with my family. I figured after 2 years of growing it I needed to do something for me . Since I am always doing things for others and not taking time for myself . I also got a purple streak put it. It is jut a hair extension colored purple. I dared myself to be gutsy and do it . And the cool thing about it it is on a clip i can hide in my hair it looks natural
I also painted my room a real nice blue . I got sick of looking at the nasty burnt orange the previous owners put on it . It is called stillness when I get my room put back together I will post pictures

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mario Facione

(picture me Dougie (my brother) Mario Facione and David ( Dougie's friend )
Has a cool conversion story he has a book and a dvd called
Mafia to Mormon . He is in the Bloomfiled Stake and so he was at the Stake picnic at Belle Isle . My brother his friend and I all got our picture taken with him. He is such a spiritual man full of faith . If you haven't seen the dvd of read the book i suggest it .

Why I dilike my neighbors

I was up until 130 this morning because of them . On one side I have neighbors who have a little boy who is the same age as Nicholas well he was still up at 1130 pm and they told him to go to bed well he decided to scream until 130 he is so tired and they have to wake him up at 7 am to get him to day care . I swear that kid's mother doesn't like him at all he starts to scream whenever she comes home from work and he is his fathers shadow what ever he is doing the little boy is copying he helps mow the lawn rake leaves water the grass shovel snow he can be cute when he is not screaming or she is not screaming at him.
The other neighbors had a wild party kids couldn't sleep with their windows open they were loud and it was like a factory over there with all the smoking and the wind blows it in their rooms or my front room .
I liked the house but i don't think I would of got it if I knew my neighbors would be like this
I am so tired this morning .
kids got me up at 630

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I passes my piano lesson book number 1
it only took 13 months but it was worth it i have come along way I can play a few church hymns my favorite to play is Oh My Father I am playing it for my recital that is coming up in September
Raiey is even taking lessons she liked hearing me play and there is only so much i can teach her

On to book two
I am learning how to play the bridal march
go me

Harry Potter

My kids love the movies so today we are having a potter thon right now we are taking a break and the boys are fighting over thomas stuff oh well soon noah will enter school for the first time and it will be just nicholas and me for the whole day
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am back

It was a long 9 days at the inlaws . Kids had a blast me well I got to listen to my in lawws argue over every petty little thing and including how i am raising my kids wrong and having my father in law tell me how to do laundry as if i don't know how to . I did go to church in my old ward it was a good fast and testimony meeting . i am so glad to be home