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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stage 2 cancer

if any one dosn't know cancer is divided into 4 stages each cancer treatment is determined by the stage it is in. Well my Father in law has stage 2 meaning they caught it and it is treatable and it stayed in one spot and didn't spread.
His course treatment is
6 weeks daily radiation
6 weeks daily chemo ( pill form)
so that means we can't go to my inlaws with the kids for a while .
Then the next thing they are checking him for is the colon cancer gene . His mom died of colon cancer when he was in his early 20's .
If he has is then Scott needs to be checked for it and if he has it my kids need to be checked for it.
I wish my father in law didn't have this dreadful disease .
It is hell on earth . I would n't wish it on my enemies.
For my readers out there June 20th is my 9 year graduation date from chemo. I had stage 3 and half meaning it was in one central spot but spread to more than one organ . It was in my Lymph nodes my heart my lungs and my spleen . I was a month away from it going in my blood. and bones at that point I wouldn't of made it. I am glad I did.
I will be signing up to go back to school my degree
Pediatric oncology( cancer nurse for children) .

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