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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Firm a Foundation

I have been watching You Tube lately . I like listening to As Sisters in Zion / We'll Bring The World His Truth and it is such a beautiful song. I decided to read the comments they were good. I decided to watch some more songs and I can not believe some of negativity that is on there. Some were from a missionary who left his mission after 6 months . I got to the point after reading them do I believe what I am being taught . There was even one that said so things we did in the Temple that was totally wrong.
I am so glad I have that FIRM FOUNDATION in my life. WE all need that to stand up when we are being brought down by our every day surroundings. I am glad I know the church is true .


That Girl in Brazil said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony.

I'm glad, too.

The Amayesings said...

You are right, we are blessed.

Also, got to be careful on the internet.