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Friday, July 3, 2009

Ever have one of those weeks

Where everything you do or try to do goes not according to plan.
Monday Ripped up carpet in the boys room while cleaning it I noticed a real bad smell. One of the kids or both peed all over the carpet didn't tell me by the time I found it it soaked to the pad. So I cleaned it and then moved all the furniture my self ripped up and bound all the carpet carried it out side. Then moved all the furniture back in place. Mind you I am 10 weeks along.
Tuesday Moving was a pain but I did some laundry then got yelled at by Scott for doing it myself.
Wednesday Went to dinner with kids and did shopping with them while I wanted a nice family outing all I kept hearing was Scott don't touch that leave that alone. Sit down ect to the point where the other people were looking at me like I am a bad parent I just wanted to crawl under the table and die.
Thursday Noah decided to sneak downstairs in the freezer and eat my pop cycles. On top of that I told him earlier to leave the snacks alone and ask for food instead of sneak and hide. On top of that a jar of peanut butter was found downstairs all eaten mmm wonder who did that.
Today the kids are getting a kick our of Lego Star Wars for the PS2 Scott's friend gave it to us. I told them I had the movies so we watched yes the original 3 Well the first one (4) went well then comes number2(5) and all Heck broke lose they were all over the place and food was flying hands were hitting each other at one point kids were throwing each other off the couch. After they were all over . I decided to find the mysterious smell coming from the kitchen curdled milk in the sink. Yes I am behind on house work. Noah was trying to clean the living room next thing i here is crash. He was trying to get a blanket off the couch to put it where it goes and wel a bowl went flying hitting me in the arm I am ok bowl is not. Well I went to try to vacuum up the smal pieces off the rug nothing Took vacumm apart and well the belt is broken. Urgh now I have to buy a new one.
Oh well If you read to this part here it goes. I have posted 209 posts so far. I will take stories involing kids and their antics were you just wanted to scream and hide until Tuesday. I will read them Wednesday and pick the best one and send that person a little something.

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Zoogz said...

Oh my! Your kids sound just as bad as my kids! :)