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Monday, August 24, 2009

Roughing it

I got back from camping with the kids and inlaws. It was quite an eventful time.
Tuesday left my house and got to Caseville Mi about 2 pm after a couple detours. Caseville is in the thumb real small town but a somewhat nice campground. Pitched the tent and got our campsite set up. Inlaws have a nice trailer they use. Went to the beach can go out almost 500 feet and stil the water won't come to your waist. Nicholas jumped right in and rode the waves .
Wind was hard that night.
Wednesday Inlaws had company and ingnoered us. Stuff was said to me by father in law not worth repeating just very hurtfull.
Rain fell that night very hard.
Thursday went to the town of Bad Axe and saw the Branch that serves Huron County and saw the Missionaries tracting downtown.
Friday while at the laundry mat read a guide on vacationing in Huron County found a nice resturant to eat out. Scott and I had a Date . Noah asked if he could come to I said no mom and dad haven't had a night out in a long time and they need it. Rainey chimed in THEY HAVEN"T HAD ENOUGH SEX EITHER boy was I red where she learned that one i don't know on the way to the resturant we saw a mom and baby deer , a pheasent cross the road in front of us and wild turkies in the field and a falcon stalking its prey . Also at the park across from the camp site we saw an albino squirel . was up to 3am that night due to the campers behind us they were drunk and rude.
Saturday Took the kids to a really neat park I found in the vacationing guide and Mom in law came with us. Then we took her to lunch It was fun. THat night it poured all night.
Sunday packed up and came home.
I am tan on my arms burned on my back from the beach it was fun. Tired from sleeping on an air mattress and getting up every 3 hours to use the bathroom had to walk to them thank goodness my campsite was a 30 -45 second walk depending on how fast I walked.
I learned to pack slippers my feet got so swollen that i coundn't wear my sandals or flip flops so while in Bad axe found a walmart and bought a pair of slippers . THey are so nice I wore them rest of the trip and boy do they need a bath.
For the most part I had funseeing the kids playing on the beach and enjoying theirselves . Nicholas was fun to watch he wasn't afraid to go in he jumped right in rode the wave came back up and rode more. he was mad I mad him get out after an hour in the water. They were covered each night in sand from the beach or the park.
I would do this again in a heartbeat but with out my father in law he is such a mood killer if you are having a good time he will find a way to kill it.

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