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3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Is a great felling. I have a friend who has MS real bad and diabetes . Her son is a friend of my kids. He car died she has no money to get it fixed. So since School got back in session from Christmas break I drove him to and from school every day for almost 2 weeks. . Her boyfriend the son's father has a real old van that he fixed up and everything was well . Well the last 2 days I had to take him home. She was crying on the phone she has no transportation for her son to get him to school. She can't get a loan to get a used vehicle . I offered to get him and take him back she said no I can't do that to you. I wish I had the money to help a great friend in need. I f any of you have a car for sale or know of someone who does let me know. She can't afford more than 1200.00 that is all she can save up . She lives on disability checks.

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jennifer said...

Mel -- I am sure that all your service is just what she needs!