I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Friday, July 31, 2009

A stress free week

I love my mother in law. She has always been there for me. She is kind and understanding.
This week I got a call Sunday night . I have the week off and I want to take your kids. I will take them one at a time. So Monday Rainey went came back Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon after dropping off Rainey she took Noah . He came home Wednesday evening. Thursday my Sister in Law had to have her tonsils out. SO she stayed home to babysit her. Today she is getting Nicholas and bringing him home Saturday and staying to visit for rest of the day. I have been able to give my house a good scrubbing and spend time with the kids . There has been no fitting ,no arguing ect.
There was a little but not as much. My kids needed 1 on 1 time to see that they are loved in their own way. Today I am taking Rainey and Noah miniture golfing. Then we are going to do the dreaded back to School shopping for them and Daddy .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I learened today

I so wanted to give up on my calling have my husband ask to be released from his. Basically I have been having a real hard time the last few weeks . I have a really sassy daughter who thinks she is the boss of everyone a high maintenance son and a 3 year old who is learning bad behavior from the other 2.
I decided this morning to go to church and sing in choir. The song we sang was Nearer my god to thee. I really thought about those words That is what I am missing in my life right now is his hand in my life. The talks were on adversity and overcoming it. Those really made me think. Everyone has trials and we all need a little push.
I have decided to be a better mother and wife to my family and spouse .
I will not let this depression get the best of me this time around.
He has a plan for me and I might not see it right now in this life but in the future to come.
I am so glad I went to day and had my spirit really touched by music and others testimonies.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Masters Here I come

Scott got accepted into the Masters program at Wayne State Now I have 3 kids I need to buy school supplies for
His Supervisor at work is letting him rearrange his schedule so he can attend his class.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A busy, fun,and exshusting weekend

It started Friday morning cleaning the house top to bottom for Mother in law's Visit over the weekend. I even got on my hands and knees to mop the floor . I did alot of house work in one day . I usually do a couple chore a day but with the kids it needed a good scrubbing. Didn't sleep very well that night finally fell asleep around 4 in the morning got up at 730 . Made breakfast for my kids did last minute straighting. Then she came . She was watching the kids Scott and me. I had a wedding to go to.
My Brother got married Saturday. I really don't know her that well . She made my brother happythat counts. We were told to be at the church by 330 for family pictures So we were there. they didn't get pictures started until 430 They had 1/2 to do them before the wedding . We were upset . My mom went to light the unity candle and tripped going up the steps. Accidently blew out the candle represnting our side . The pastor went one with the ceramony with the bride still on her da'd's arm he forgot to ask who gives this women away. Then nobody told me and my little brother and his friend we had to stay after the wedding for more pictures. so we went straight to the reception.
The reception was fun . Each table got their own cake to cut. THey had a fruit tray veggie tray and olive tray and crakers and chhese to nibble on befor the dinner started. THe Dinner was supposed to start at 7 and didn't start until almost 8 the food was cold and to spicey for me. I was glad i took advantage of the food before the dinner. When the bride was gretting her guests her dress came unclasped and started to fall down. The music was good and sancing was fun. We had a little bit of cake left so we decorated it with stuff from our table for my brother's birthday . My siblings and I all sat at the same table with our spouses except for my littlest brother he brought his best friend he is only 17. We had a blast .
I danced the night away with Scott i told him he better enjoy us being this close I have popped over night. Came home Around 11 pm . I didn't slepp that well. So I got up at 6 am to my cats fighting and one flying into our bedroom door. I then laye don the couch and went back to sleep . I was woken up by Scott asking what is for breakfaast we are hungry . well I went to move. And I got the most painful cramp in my leg it still hasn't went away. My mom in law left early afternnon. I finnally got a shower laid on the couch and was out unil 3 . I went to bed around 9 and got a better sleep but i am still tired. I hate getting up every couple houre to pee. oh well
All in all it was a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

baby's Heart beat

All of us went to my appointment on Monday and we heard a nice heartbeat. 154.
I was so scared something was wrong. I always freak out at this point because my mom lost 2 babies at 12 weeks . But everything is ok
I would of posted this monday but we got back and found out we had no phone. They sent somebody out today to repair the line.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our mini vacation

I decided Friday morning to go somewhere for the day on Saturday leave early in the morning and get home late. Our destination Cleveland Metro Park Zoo. If you haven't been there it is worth going . Admission cost for our family was 41.00, cheaper than Detroit zoo. The drive was well worth it. A hour before the zoo we got stuck in a storm we saw the lightning and heard the thunder and the rain came down in sheets. the speed on the road was 60 but because of the rain it dropped to 20 if you were lucky. Every so far had to hit brakes to not stall out in the huge puddles that collected on the highway. Got to the zoo it was still raining hard. So we bought our tickets that included the zoo and their indoor Rain forest something I know and Scott thought we had to pay extra. We went into the rain forest. We were greeted by a 25 foot waterfall trees and plants that grow in the rain forest animals from different rain forests around the world. The building was 2 stories you either used the stairs elevator or climbed up a tree. Kids did the tree climbing . I did Nicholas and the elevator
We left that and then we went back outside still raining by that time it was noon. So we found a pavilion and had our picnic lunch I brought. It finally stopped raining.
First exhibit in the zoo was a Persian leopard he was cute. We heard him kind of growl then meow. So for the next few minutes Nicholas was imitating it and people thought that was cute.
Saw some monkeys. Saw 4 black rhinos 3 females 1 male they are huge. we saw sharks and fish( some of the fish were bigger than my kids.) from around the world, monkeys from around the world. One monkey was playing with the kids. He would follow Noah then run away and come back really fast and hit the glass were Noah and Rainey were standing this went on for about 5 minutes the kids drew a crowd even the keeper thought that was cute. We saw a Foosa( they are mentioned in the movie Madagascar ) It looks like cat but is related to the mongoose instead. He was on the exersising wheel with his front feet and his back feet looked like they were dancing . We also saw Reindeer wolves beavers camels and a huge collection of bears ( they have the biggest collection of any zoo).
We saw a koala he was new so you had to be quite not to disturb him and a tree Kangaroo. We also rode the tram back to the entrance for fee.
We stopped for dinner at a place called Steve ie B's in woodhaven Mi . It is all you can eat pizza buffet. For dessert I had Smore Pizza It was so good I wanted more but decided not to .
During this trip my morning sickness crept back up I was glad they had bathrooms at every area we went to. The zoo was divied itno sections. You have your African safari, Northren treck, Outback Adventures, and Primates and Aquatics.
This trip was eorth it we create dlasting family memories.
I will post picutures later when I get them off the camera.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does the baby use an Electrical cord

to eat . That is what Nicholas asked me the other day. Noah asked did I swallow a Gummi Bear whole and that is why our ultra sound picture looks like a gummi Bear a couple weeks ago. They alao ask me everyday is it time to go to the hospital yet.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ever have one of those weeks

Where everything you do or try to do goes not according to plan.
Monday Ripped up carpet in the boys room while cleaning it I noticed a real bad smell. One of the kids or both peed all over the carpet didn't tell me by the time I found it it soaked to the pad. So I cleaned it and then moved all the furniture my self ripped up and bound all the carpet carried it out side. Then moved all the furniture back in place. Mind you I am 10 weeks along.
Tuesday Moving was a pain but I did some laundry then got yelled at by Scott for doing it myself.
Wednesday Went to dinner with kids and did shopping with them while I wanted a nice family outing all I kept hearing was Scott don't touch that leave that alone. Sit down ect to the point where the other people were looking at me like I am a bad parent I just wanted to crawl under the table and die.
Thursday Noah decided to sneak downstairs in the freezer and eat my pop cycles. On top of that I told him earlier to leave the snacks alone and ask for food instead of sneak and hide. On top of that a jar of peanut butter was found downstairs all eaten mmm wonder who did that.
Today the kids are getting a kick our of Lego Star Wars for the PS2 Scott's friend gave it to us. I told them I had the movies so we watched yes the original 3 Well the first one (4) went well then comes number2(5) and all Heck broke lose they were all over the place and food was flying hands were hitting each other at one point kids were throwing each other off the couch. After they were all over . I decided to find the mysterious smell coming from the kitchen curdled milk in the sink. Yes I am behind on house work. Noah was trying to clean the living room next thing i here is crash. He was trying to get a blanket off the couch to put it where it goes and wel a bowl went flying hitting me in the arm I am ok bowl is not. Well I went to try to vacuum up the smal pieces off the rug nothing Took vacumm apart and well the belt is broken. Urgh now I have to buy a new one.
Oh well If you read to this part here it goes. I have posted 209 posts so far. I will take stories involing kids and their antics were you just wanted to scream and hide until Tuesday. I will read them Wednesday and pick the best one and send that person a little something.