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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

why I hate Public Schools

Noah was SUSPENDED today . Reason teacher said he pulled down his pants and exposed his butt. I came to get him and he was crying so hard i could hear him outside . I asked what happened in front of the principal and he said Lovey did it and he was blamed for it . I tried to talk to the Principal telling her Mrs Ingram has been telling me things he is doing and I ask him why he said he doesn't do it. He said he doesn't want to go back and he hates her his words. I was told he isn't teachable he isn't ready for kindergarten and I couldn't pay her enough to teach my son. I am sick of this having him come home crying because he is being bullied by the teacher and the principal won't do anything about it. I flat out yelled to the anyone who was in the hallway Noah we are going to Place you I a different school because this school teacher and Principal is not working for you . She walked away like good riddance .
So I am talking to the superintendent to see what we can do with Noah . I hate to have to uproot rainey she is not real good with change and she is adapting nicely to the teacher and her surrondings.
I am ready to homeschool him if i have to
Yes michelle i don't like her peronalitty either.
Since Noah cut the little girls hair lets say a little snip he can't use scissors so Mrs Ingram cats out his stuff then give shim stickers that say good job. What is that telling noah that everbody in life will do your work for you . She flat out gave up trying to teach him the second he walked in the first day and he had a hard time sitting still ofr a couple minutes

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