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3 sons.
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Piano lessons

they are getting harder i am only a couple songs into my second level book and i have to play a bit of Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 It is COMPLICATED so i look it up on the computer and found out the song is 13.05 minutes long i only have to play 3 minutes of it and the piece i have to what i heard is the easy part I looked it up on you tube and they have a cartoon with bugs bunny doing it it is called Rhapsody rabbit it is funny my kids liked it . I was ready to say i quit i can't take it anymore but i realize music is one of my talents and writing is another so in the back of my other piano book i wrote down some words and it is turning into a song i am hopefully get to set to music soon maybe i will send it to some people like hilary weeks or sally deford and see what they can do for me i will post the words in a bit when i find my other book

as for noah we are meeting with his teacher and the school counsler monday moring he only had 2 off days last week and 3 good days when he was getting out of hand she sent noah to the conslurs office and he came back in a better mood
sorry aboud spelling i have a headache and my hands hurt playing piano

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