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Friday, October 17, 2008

6 things about Mel

I am taking Hillary's Challenge
6 quirks about Me

1. When I get a big smile because I am really happy I am been known to stick out part of my tongue

2 When it is summer or winter spring or fall and the sun goes down I am always cold you will find me wrapped in a blanket even in the hottest part of summer i can be 90 when I go to bed and I am still huddled in a blanket

3 I stress about being late I hate being late if the invite says 7 i will be there 15-10 minutes early

4 I am a very disorganized person . If I organize my stuff I can't find anything.

5 I am always trying to change how I look because Cancer altered how i look and I still am not over that hurdle

6 This one is for Scott If I wear socks during the day they stay on at night even when scott and I are intimate but hey he still loves me
Like Hillary I tag anyone who cares to answer

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3.Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you
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