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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


is ADHD according to the school . They want us to medicate him. WE want to do alternative actions. we need help ladies . For those who's husbands have had medical training can you find out from them the pros and cons of the meds they would put him on if needed we don't trust or family doctor either i 'm afraid he might side with the school to medicate him
we enrolled him a karate class and what a difference the teachers says his name one and then says
chariot ( means attention) then he is fine i want to tell the teacher this but every idea i give i feel is not used in the classroom or he would be more attentive he has gotten a yellow card which is ok and then he tells me and the teacher says that is not right he did something when the last bell rings so i had to put red marker over the red what a negative influance she is having on his self estemm he comes home crying and in a bad mood and when he gets the yellow or green cards they mean he is having an ok or good day he is happing willing to help out. if he gets the bad cards he won't come out of the class room and stays in there crying she goes i don't know why he is crying it is like she dosen't care urgh
we have decided to keep in in with her maybe she will get the point it is her sometimes that causes the problems with our son.
but we know he is learning he comes home with stars and good marks on his papers
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Michelle said...

Oh Melissa I don't even know where to begin I am so mad! Schools CAN NOT diagnose ADHD and the fact they they have tried to could be a huge lawsuit! Only medical professionals can diagnose a child with ADHD and prescribe medication. The fact that the school has diagnosed and recommended medication is a major no-no and they should know better. I will have to pull out my special education notebook from school and see if I was smart enough to put info about ADHD in it (I think I did).

Michelle said...

Alright so I found my notebook. Again I say the school has no right in diagnosing ADHD. According to my notes a child must display the "signs" in at least 2 settings and for at least 6 months. There is no way a school (which has only been in session for 1 month) can say that a child has ADHD just based on school behaviors. Oh I am fuming and he's not even my kid!

Anyway that aside I would urge you to check out the website www.chadd.org for more information on ADHD in general including how it's diagnosed (properly) and ways to treat (not all need medication). There are also a page for educational issues.

Jon was curious to know who Noah's teacher is. He obviously doesn't know all the teachers in the district but he was curious to see if he does.

Call me or shoot me an email if you want to know more or if you want to borrow my notebook.