I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Monday, October 20, 2008

Angels among us

I was trying to get nicholas ready for bed he is running a fever and is all stuffed up and well there was a knock at the door and scott saw no one then looked down there were bags of food and some nice clothes for me so who ever you are thank you very much you have brightened my day despite what i did to my friends i hope one day to repay the favor and what is neat is the angel knew my size thanks again my secret angel


Hilary said...

I'm so happy that you have an angel!! Sometimes that's just what you need, isn't it??? How wonderful, Mel. A similar thing happened to us in Iowa and it deeply touched me. I'm very happy for you.

Jen B. said...

That is so awesome -- you definitely needed it! Thanks to all the angels out there!!!!