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Monday, October 20, 2008

what i want

I want those people who read my blog that started all the problem on Sunday to forget you read it don't be so quick to judge. I am working it out with the party i hurt. I don't want to lose any friends over this. for those who don't know I have Known the party since i was14 and the wall flower at a church dance. she started to talk to me we became friends even though we were in different wards then she moved into mine we were the best of friends were counselors at camp together went on youth trips together had fun together then she moved i lost her it hurt bad I had no friends at church we were each others support . Then when it came time to look for a house over here i had a strong feeling to settle into the house i did at the time I didn't know why until i walked into church the first sunday and there she was at the time it was i know that face that voice and we kept looking at each other and finally it hit us we found each other we still don't know the reason why maybe we never know but the concetion was just as stong she has been the sister i never had even though i have a sister and i am the little sister she never got the chance to have .
I called her and we are working this out so like i said forget everything i said before most of it was stuff and i should of went right to the source instead of them hearing it second hand. i never had the idea so many people read my blog i thought it was a select few . I guess i really should of found a diffrent way to vent my feelings.
The reason i stopped talking to Laurie is because I didn't want her to worry about me and all my problems i am having I am having more than anybody knows even my husband dosen't know half of them. I am greatful for our friendship and I never want that to change
As for the Bishop he is a great guy we all have to give him a chance. we all have to learn to get along with each other dispite our diffrence we all share.
As far as the sister I visit teach that was second hand info also who knows the real reson. As for them taking advantage of people I don't really know why I put that. That should of been info that I found out form the party why they felt that way .
I have gone inactive because people i thought were my friends were not. I was constantly made fun of because of the way I looked Dressed talked
I was short and skinny wore glasses have a hard time reading i still do and i can't say words with r's and s's or l's real well becaus eof a speech problem. I wore my mom's clothes and shoes.
I don't want this family to go inactive because of me or anybody else
I have really found out how or words and deeds can hurt someone we love and others around us i am trying my hardest to work though this and it is going to be hard to face them and ask for forgivness from them i hope i get it for i am trully sorry
like i said before lets all of us forget this ever happened and move on with our lives in the mean time they could use help moving ans cleaning up the old house into the new please find time to help them or see what you can do for them they are a good family despite them being what does leeann say Adam's ( meaning weird like the tv show the Adamm's family )

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The Amayesings said...

I hope everything gets resolved for you Melissa. I have no idea what went on, nor do I want to know.

I DO know that you are a sweet person and that with the Lord's help you'll get through this trial too. Nobody is perfect and we're all in this together. Be strong and keep close to Heavenly Father. He'll see you through. In the meantime, hang in there.