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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A sad story but has a happy ending

My mom told this story it is true it involes my Sis in law and Nephew who is 4and a half
They were at the library and my nephew was given a book to read my sis in law got so into a book she forgot about him thank goodness for a kind angel . My nephew made it outside no coat on no idea where he was and he was crying the angel found him and took him inside dried his tears and helped him find his mom. thank goodness no one else found him and took him . we never got this angels name she was gone before she could be thanked
I draw a few conclusions from this story
1 when we wander off the path we get lost
2 when we are lost bad stuff can happen
3 there is one who can really help us find our way back
I am so glad I pray for my family and I am so glad an angel was looking over my nephew that day he is the light of my brother's eye .

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That Girl in Brazil said...

!!! So scary! Prayers of thanks to that angel!