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3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


is such a thoughtful yet sensitive girl. They have a secret shop set up at her school she was given back to much change and she told the lady but the lady didn't listen so after school we told the PTO mom what happened she was surprised that we would give the extra money back I said I am teaching my kids honesty .
She bought 2 necklaces and said they were both for me well after a while she asked if she could have one. She said I bought one for me but I thought you would get mad. I told she could have it then. Well I get out of the shower and she gave it back to me with a note that said
I am sorrey mom for tacking back the nekless can you forgiv me ( that is how she wrote it)
So today I went to the secret shop and got her one for her stocking
She can be real sassy and mean one minute then real sweet and innocent the next I am waiting to see what the teen years bring

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Jen B. said...

What a sweet, honest and sensitive girl! You should be proud