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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A few moments to be me

It is a little before 6 am couldn't sleep any longer when i am so stressed out i can't sleep my body aches all over. Yesterday was such a bad day I got a bad report from Noah's teacher. He flipped off the lunch lady . Where he learned that I don't know . I asked him why he did that he said another boy in class told hm to. I believe that one. I am at my wits end with this child right now . He has done nothing but cause trouble since Friday for the Teacher and at church. I am scared of what he will become. I tried talking to him telling him that is not funny and he did something he was not supposed to do and I lost my temper with him I feel so bad I left a hand print on his face . as i sat at Nancy's house reading a back issue of her Ensign I got a feeling to read the story of Lammen and Lemul and they tell it to him in words he would understand also the story of Alma the younger maybe that would help him . I don't know what else to do . Please pray for our family . I could use all the help I can get right now they are a few short steps of kicking him out of school


Michelle said...


Check out that website.

Jen B. said...

Melissa -- just be patient and pray. Also, make sure that you doctor knows what is going on so they can recommend help, behavioral strategies, etc for your little guy. It sounds like NOah is just trying to make friends and sad that the boy made him do something bad. Feel free to call me -- we can chat about it. 586-703-4447

Courtney said...

Melissa...it really does help to read some parenting books! Go to the library and check out Jane Nelson ...positive discipline.. also she and Stephen Glenn wrote a book together for parenting pre-schoolers and younger children. Raising self-reliant children in a self-indulgent world is good too. Talk with your school district's social worker or better yet counselor, if they have one. They should have a wealth of resources. Connor's library at school has a parent resource section too..with books to help parents. This child is thriving on ANY kind of attention..right now it's negative attention b/c that's working for him. There are some GREAT resources out there! The school should be willing/ready to work on some interventions with him! If not, change schools next year..Koepsell is close to you and has a great staff/counselor/social worker/etc.