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3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1 alraedy

seems like yesterday it was Christmas now it will be in a couple short weeks. Time sure does fly
I remember the first Christmas Scott and I were married we were married for 7 months had a small apartment so we had a table top tree and a few decorations I made out of construction paper I was 6 months along and big I had to turn sideways to fight in the kitchen . I got a sweater I still wear it He got a computer game we still play it. The next one I was expecting again ( age difference between Rainey and Noah 11 and 1/2 months) spent it with inlaws few days later went home to bury his grandpa kidney failure. The next one he was unemployed company merger we got a knock on the door there were boxes galore food and clothes coats and toys for the kids. went to inlaws got in a huge fight with father in law he told me gettitng off my birth conrol was like taking a gun to my head and pulling the trigger I got off because of the side effects and doctor wanting me off because of them. Plus Noah got a double ear infection. The next one don't remeber much I think it was a fun one we moved a few days after christmas. Next one I spent in the Hospital having Nicholas he was born the 26 th . Then I moved to Eastpointe before the next christmas I spent unpacking and hosting a huge Holiday open house for Family I always did apartment Living but we decided to buy a house so i had to set it up . Nicholas turned one the next day Noah got so sick he had to go to the er he was dehydrated real bad Flu was nasty for him. Last year was fun my living room was overrun with gifts from santa grandparents aunts uncles mom dad and an anyomus donor last year scotts work adopted our family for christmas and someone did a knock and run I did that with one family a week before I had Nicholas family was out of work she was expecting also so I took some extra money we had and my family gave donations so I could give their kids christmas . I hope this year I can have good memories with my children. I never really liked the holidays very much so I always have dreded christmas . My daughter has been praying for me she is 6 and full of faith she is also praying for a baby sister . I joined the choir and I am really listening to the words of the songs watching christmas movies and I think tonight I will retell the christmas story and put up the nativity that is what my mom would do she would read it and we would add the chacaters as they were read off i wish I had a neat one like my mom's it was hand crafted by my grandma Grattan when I was little she has since passed I would love one like hers.

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