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Saturday, September 27, 2008

when organizing gets the better of me

I spent the better part of 3 hours yesterday cleaning and organizing my kitchen. I moved the fridge swept under it and moped where it was sitting boy was it nasty then i decided to move the fridge to a different location well i did that 3 times before i was satisfied where it was . Then i did the same thing with my china Hutch which holds my spices and other cooking ingredients instead of china . Then i cleaned out cupboard and a drawer re organized where my dishes went. all in the process of this I pulled a muscle in my back so just typing this is painful and I sliced up my finger when mopping around the back of the fridge my finger got stuck under it and when i pulled it out it got stuck under a metal part. But i am very satisfied in how open it looks know it makes my small kitchen look better.
If Tia and Jen read this Laurie Geeter had her gastric bypass surgery Tuesday
Plus Noah has been behaving better in school

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