I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

tagged again

I am: answering these questions
I know: that my testimony has helped me through the bad times
I want: another baby
I dislike: people who get everything they want without lifting a finger
I miss: my family and friends who are to far to visit in a car
I fear:spiders
I hope: noah learns how to behave better in school
I feel:sick because i am
I hear: Kal-lin a cartoon that teaches kids how to speak Chinese
I smell: nothing right now i have a bad cold
I crave:attention from my husband
I cry: when i am upset
I usually: read a good book
I search: for everyday things that will make me happy
I wonder: why we are sents kids that a totally different from one another
I regret: not going to college when i had the chance
I love: to cook good meals for my family
I care: everybody i love
I always: am glad i woke up to face another day no matter the challenges
I worry: about my children and the world they need to grow up in
I am not: very good at math
I remember: being a little girl
I believe:in everyday miricales
I dance with nicholas
I sing: my baby to sleep
I argue: as little as possible
I write:blogs and my book i am working on
I win: not every game i play it is rare that i do
I wish: to find the cure for cancer so the future generation doesn't have to go through it
I listen:to my child's problems
I don't understand:why i am a mom sometimes i am not good at it
I can usually be found: in my quite spot
I am scared: that the cancer will come back
I need: to fell loved
I forget:what day it is unless the kids are in school
I am: a very helpful person always looking for a chance to serve

I tag...
all my friends who have blogs


Jen B. said...

How is your book coming along?

melissa said...

my book is coming along slowly but it will get there i hope i have 1 chapter done