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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are working

with noah and his teacher at this point . We sat down yesterday and talked to him and told he we want you to have a yellow day which is an ok day or a green day which is a good day i don't want to see any more red or blue days which are bad and really bad days. The teacher and the principal and scott and I talked yesterday. For now he is at his own table by him self when he found this out he cried we told him there is no lunch recess for the rest of the week and no music and art either until he gets a yellow or green . I know it sounds harsh but he needs to learn he can't behave or keep his hands to himself there will be conquences . We are also having see a school counsoler the principal thinks he might have ADHAD (ATTENTION DEFICIET Hyper Activity Disorder) scott doesn't like this but i told her 3 out of my 5 nephews have it even a couple of my cousins have it. I was also given a lis tof books to read by Courtney to see if that help.
I really appperciate the support you have been given me the last few days .
I walked the kids 1.5 miles to school today to see if wearing of excess energy helps i hope that does
I even laid down a few rules today that we expect yellow or green today and had him repeat it 3 times to day
i go pick him up in an hour lets see how it goes

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Jen B. said...

I Hope all goes well with your little guy. Sometimes they just have a difficult time concentrating since so many things are flying around their heads. I have know several children with ADD or ADHD that miracles happened once they were on the proper medication and given the proper guidance. Hang in there mom -- it will definitely be a tough journey.