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3 sons.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008


After church I stayed because Scott is Finance clerk . Well Ashley Granness asked me to come here and look in the water pitcher she was getting ready to put water in it for nursey well i did and was DISGUSTED there were MOUSE dropping in it and well I said shut the door I went and got scott We tried to catch it no luck it ran into the chapel .We started cleaning out the nursery closet and well there were droppings on the toys papers in bins they out runs another mouse tried to get number 2 ran into the chapel . Started cleaning more and well she said get the bucket i did we got number 3 and throw him outside . Alot of food had to be throwen out and other fun stuff even the felt board. The bummer part was the Big box of goldfish crakers they chewed through the bags
3 shelves were covered in droppings and the shelves have been chewed up. It was fun watching Bishop booth and Thurber look at each other saying I thought you were taking care of the mouse . I guess they knew about but 3 yikes . What a fun day

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Jen B. said...

GROSS!!!!!!!! Thank goodness you found it. Death to mice! (esp. when it is in the nursery where the kids eat and play all over the floor).