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3 sons.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

update on mel

People keep asking me how I am doing well here it is
I am felling better then I have I n a long time . I started reading the scriptures They are really speaking to me this time . I am spending more time with my kids Last Saturday Rainey and I went to see Wall-e at the cheap theater it is a cute movie but more for kids 9 and older if you want them to understand the message kids younger then that will get a kick out of the animation and movements of wall-e .
My back is on the mend well turns out it is really my hip that is bugging me don't know what I did but it is mending walking isn't that painful i bought ortho inserts for my shoes to help it out and it is working
Since I have been taking the marriage classes I have learned how to communicate my feeling better and Learned some ways to control my anger and deal with the stress of every day life. Got rid of one stress maker alreadsy spent 2 hours cleaning out my daughters room got rid of clothes that don't fit her broken toys all her old school papers . Now I am working on they boys room and they will be getting bunk beds.
I also joined church choir I admit I don't have a really good voice but I do when I put my heart into it and can pratice at home my kids like when I sing so does my husband It means I am happy.
I also am getting more involved in my piano by helping rainey learn her lessons when she dosen't understand them. Plus my Uncle gave me a big box of music to learn how to play.
That is how I am doing


Hilary said...

I'm excited to have you in the choir, Mel. You were the first one to sign up, and I know I can count on you to come to the practices. I think this will be really great!! Singing is a *huge* stress reliever for me, too.

I'm happy to see that you are doing better. Good for you for making some pretty great changes in your life. You're a good example to many!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Sounds awesome. I'm glad you're reading the scriptures - they really are a window to heaven, filled with power.

(The word verification today is "singsta" - I totally love it. That's what you are now, choir woman!)