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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OH Christmas Tree

You look so bare and spare I named you the Charlie Brown Tree .
I have my tree up call me crazy . I normally wait until the day after thanksgiving but It was in the attic a place I don't venture I hate small places. Plus here is the thing I have never enjoyed Christmas. I never got what I wanted I always ended up with books or stuff I really couldn't play with one time I wanted a walk man to listen to my music but my sister got it instead of me . She always got what she wanted no matter what.
So I have decided to make it special for my kids they got everything on their list and a few surprises. Thanks grandma and freecycle and great clearance sales.
I let them put up the tree and decorate it how they want . The moment Nicholas gets up he has to turn on the lights I am not allowed to turn them off until he is in bed. Since we moved here I started a cool tradition each year I take them to English gardens and let them pick out one special decoration for the tree or house so that way when they leave home they have a few things for their tree or house. I also give my nephews one. The first year it was my nephew William my sister's oldest he got a Hippopotamus for the tree since his favorite song is I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Last year my sister's middle one got a stuffed Polar Bear for the Tree he likes bears this year I am doing it for my brother's child he likes Thomas the Train so i will see if I can't Find a train one
So all of you out there have fun putting up your tree and doing your family's traditions


Michelle said...

Your crazy! (You said I could call you crazy). Our tree won't be up for another month or so. We decided to start a tradition of getting a real tree and actually cutting it down ourselves so we can't do it too early. I really like your idea of letting the kids pick to one thing each year that they can take with them when they are older.

melissa said...

i would get a real tree but found out i am allergic to pine trees so i have to be careful around them

Jen B. said...

How FUN! I usually wait too but this year I have been listening to Christmas music since the middle of October and we have already made our Gingerbread house.