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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I voted

I had a hard time with politics this year I was divided between family members my Husband stood on one side my Father on the other . I asked my dad how he would vote in my situation he said vote for the person you believe will really make a change I hope I made the right vote I hope and pray we all did. Now I really see how this process affects us all. I had friends say they wouldn't visit me because Scott put political stickers on the car I saw my father and Scott fight over petty political stuff . I am just glad this process is over and we have 4 years to live with the decision we made. I think we all need to step up and make these changes happen . I have seen Scott write letters to our Reps when a certain bill was going to be passed and got a response back. I didn't know that the reps use the letters from everyday Joes to make the case in why it shouldn't or should be passed. I have helped on making the Insurance companies pay when it comes to cancer treatment just by telling them my experiance with my company . So we as a whole have to help our president make a change in our country no more sitting on the back burner and leaving it to our reps to do we need to do our part.
Yes God really bless america we are going to need it .

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Michelle said...

Melissa, you'd be surprised at how much your opinion matters to the people who represent us. Jon has been asked countless times through work to write to our reps because some statistic somewhere shows that if the rep gets even 10 letters asking them to vote a certain way they are more likely to do it.