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I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why I dilike my neighbors

I was up until 130 this morning because of them . On one side I have neighbors who have a little boy who is the same age as Nicholas well he was still up at 1130 pm and they told him to go to bed well he decided to scream until 130 he is so tired and they have to wake him up at 7 am to get him to day care . I swear that kid's mother doesn't like him at all he starts to scream whenever she comes home from work and he is his fathers shadow what ever he is doing the little boy is copying he helps mow the lawn rake leaves water the grass shovel snow he can be cute when he is not screaming or she is not screaming at him.
The other neighbors had a wild party kids couldn't sleep with their windows open they were loud and it was like a factory over there with all the smoking and the wind blows it in their rooms or my front room .
I liked the house but i don't think I would of got it if I knew my neighbors would be like this
I am so tired this morning .
kids got me up at 630

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