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3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Noah's antics

he is a real handful right now . Couple weeks ago i was painting my room got it all done put supplies away . I did leave can of paint in the kitchen for scott to take downstairs and put it under the stair cupboard. well it didn't get done. Noah found the paint can opener a paintbrush and went to town he painted the carpet my white wall in the hallway rainey's dool house her wall his feet and walked sown the stairs with paint all over his feet well he said he didn't do it but foot prints tell other wise. yesterday he throw a volleyball at his light cover on the celling to get a penny out of it he also throw in it well he shattered the cover the glass ripped apart the mesh on the toddler rail on nicholas's bed . then I was cooking diner he decided to try and catch a comb and crayon on fire they melted he put them into the flames on the stove . Ever since he learend to talk and walk he has been trouble he likes blaming it all on casper ( our house ghost) or nicholas
Well in 5 days he starts school I hope he learns to behave better


Michelle said...

Oh Melissa! You certainly have your hands full. Just think how peaceful your house will be between the hours of 8-3 starting next week.

melissa said...

it will be a little to quite but i am making christmas gifts this year so i have time to work on theirs

Jen B. said...

Holy Cow -- what mischief. I am sure you will enjoy some child-free time during school time.