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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

calling at church and listening to the spirit

I was called to be the secretary in relief society last month. It has been a challenge trying to get to know the new sisters in the ward and getting to know there needs because of that we took 3 weeks to do visiting teaching routes first week just trying to partner them up the next 2 who they visit. the hardest part is there is so many inactive sisters compared to active so we had to go by the spirit on who get who . I am so glad for that if we didn't have the spirit to guide us and help us along the way where would we be in our lives today. I know i would be dead . I was involved in a accident 10 years ago i was out visiting family and the tire on the trailer blew and my grandpa over corrected and we started rolling we smashed mailboxes it could of been us going over the mountain in Colorado Springs. I escaped with 4 stitches because a few minutes before that i had the impression to put on my seat belt and move my face from the window I'm glad i did . stitches came from flying glass that hit my arm if i didn't move my face i probly be blind the way it flew it would of hit my eyes .

I also got locked in my moms ceader chest when i was 8 my sister and i were playing hide and seek and i decided to hide in ther well it shut and had an automatic lock and it was a few minutes but to me it was a lifetime my mom got me out she said something told her i was in there i am glad she didn't ignore the spirit
I am glad it is our lives.

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Jen B. said...

Mel, you will be an excellent secretary. Just take one step at a time. It is difficult to try to change the ward all by yourself. Pray and I am sure that you will get direction.