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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Detroit Science Center

They have a new exhibit called kids town . It is designed for ages 1-5 they have a fire house , a theater with costumes kids can put on their shows complete with lights a cash register it has a library a vets office a field house with a ball pit in it it has a water station that is real neat to play with scott and kids sprayed me it has a diner kids can pretend to cook and serve at the counter or at a table it even has an art studio for the budding artists it even has a wiggle room for 2 and under complete with a gate so they can't escape it was real fun . I even did a hands on on the upper floor . I dissected an owl pellet it is not poo it is throw up like cats get hair balls they trow up because they can't digest bones and fur in mine i found an adult mouse skeleton they had charts there so you can match the bones and find out what it was rainey had a blast doing it we have a future dr on our hands . It is a neat place to check out for those who don't know what do do with the kids if it is something you would enjoy doing buy the member ship i have one and i get invites to the new exhibits before they open up .

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jennifer said...

We just went to the detroit science center a few days before we moved -- It is AWESOME! Sounds likes you had fun too.