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Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick update:

It's been summer for a couple weeks now, and a warm one it has been. Alexander is growing quickly, and he's been wanting us to help him stand as much as possible. He's not quite completely stable, but he's starting to get his balance. He's also not quite able to move around yet, but it seems that it will be happening shortly.

The older kids are doing well too. They love Rock Band when we get it out, and we've been doing it a few times lately. I played games with Noah and with Rainey over the weekend. Noah's favorite currently is "Monopoly - Diggin' Dinos", which he played at least three or four times over the weekend. One was against Daddy, and Daddy had zero luck with the dice. However, Noah was really a gracious winner to Daddy. When Daddy was running low of money, Noah would give a couple extra dollars so that Daddy could stay in the game longer. He did this more than a couple times, yet Daddy still lost in the end. If only he and his sister could play as civilly, though I think it's a matter that both of them are absolutely bent on winning.

As for Rainey, we were able to get the cribbage board back out. She's still learning the game, but she's able to make some really good plays too. I told Rainey that we would have her learn euchre at some point, and she seemed rather excited, especially when she heard that Grandma and Grandpa like to play euchre.

Nicholas is making a bit of progress with the potty training, I hope that he continues on the path.

Hopefully the summer turns a bit cooler. At least our yard is looking better thanks to the assistance that we'd been provided by Melissa's brother and friend, now we just need to do some deep cleaning inside and we'll have a sparkling house.

Stay cool!

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