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3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Monday, July 26, 2010

many changes to come

Scott has had about 5 companies call him for interviews. He leaves Thursday for an interview on Friday comes home for a few hours then leaves again for one on Monday . If he gets the job he really wants it is off to Wisconsin we go. He will leave for a couple months and try to find a house or house to rent within our new budget ( will be be getting alot more then we make here) . I will stay here decide what to pack and pitch try to sell and what gets stored and what goes with him .
We are hoping to sell the house the house on the corner of my street was on the market less then a month it has been sold.
I am scared but relived to start this next chapter in my life. Nothing is keeping us here . His parents came over Saturday and his mom went in Noah's room and cleaned it and got mad at me because it was a mess. I didn't ask her here to clean it she just did. Then tells me I should be the one cleaning it daily . I don't think so my kid is almost 8 I told her I cleaned it before school got out and it was up to him to keep it clean.She said he has to much stuff I wanted to say it is your fault for Christmas and birthdays and other holidays you go overboard but I was a good girl. Everytime we go to visit she will ask me if i made an appointment to get myself fixed. I know I am not done having children yet but how to explain it to them. I know it cost money to raise them. I come from a big family my parents made it work on my dad's money the baby just graduated high school.
I am not that close to most of my family members the on I am the closest to is leaving for college.
I made a list of stuff to get repaired in the house it is a not so small list.
I will update when I know more.
Keep us in your prayers.

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