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Monday, July 26, 2010

Enjoyable summer days:

For the first time in a while, we had a beautiful weekend day with low humidity. After typical Sunday activities, we all ended up outside for the better part of two to three hours. First, the squirt guns came out, and everyone had a fun time squirting each other, and the squirt guns were small enough for the baby to get into the act without getting drenched and unhappy. After that, the bicycles came out. Unfortunately, one of the bicycles has a slipped chain that needs to get repaired, but other than that outside was a hit.

While the bicycles were zooming back and forth, Melissa and I made lists of the activities we need to do to make the house more saleable (if it comes to that) as well as a list of things that may come with us if/when we do finally move. Of course, after we made the second list, I still managed to run across three items in the first two seconds that were never discussed. Oh well.

For the first time in... well, forever, I'm moved out of my parents' house. They brought the majority of my boxes from storage on Saturday. I managed to pitch quite a few, but it still added five boxes of stuff that will hopefully be moved shortly. It was quite a few blasts from the past, and there were a few painful decisions (I don't really *need* all those trophies I earned from fifteen-plus years ago, I remember all my accomplishments pretty easily, though it was tough to say goodbye). Once we get the rest of it out of the house in the form of tons of not-usable boxes and some stuff to drop off to a donation center, it will finally be clean again. Last but not least is the box of records that I am hoping to take, there's some real gems in there.

We've got a busy week ahead, between trying to do a few chores before I go (such as cleaning out a car), getting haircuts and clean suits and packed bags and all that other stuff while still trying to get work done this week. I'm fairly sure that I'm not going to have the best concentration this week, and I need to get a few long-term assignments moving so that they won't be late before the middle of next month.

Which puts Sunday into more contrast, as the possible calm before the storm. Playing water guns and watching the kids play was fun yet relaxing at the same time. I don't know if this kind of simple fun will be common through the next couple months, but hopefully wherever I end up will not be a major transition.

Of course, today (Monday), I have a massive headache and it feels as if my sinuses are working overtime. Again. I sincerely hope that I'm feeling okay when my interview(s) start(s) later this week.

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