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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caught betwwen friends

I have 2 friends who are sticking me in the middle
When one friend leaves the room the other starts bashing about problems she is having with the other . I went over there yesterday and I was bad one friend blamed me for breaking the vcr when in fact it was just dirty and needed a cleaning. She is even accusing the other friend of faking being sick. which is not true she had a bad ear infection i can't stand being in the middle what am i to do
any advice .

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Jen B. said...

Mel, this is a tough one. It is important to protect the feelings of your friends (esp. if you tell one friend that your other friend it talking about them when they are not around). I recall my aunt saying, "now, let's be nice" everytime someone said something mean about another person. You can also tell them how it makes you feel being stuck in the middle -- maybe say "I appreciate you opening up to me but it is hard to hear negative things about my friend." Hopefully everything turns out okay