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Friday, April 2, 2010


has been a difficult little boy to manage since he was 4. I finally broke down and had him tested. My boy has ADHD and is on medication . He has been on it for a week. I have seen a big difference in his behavior . He listens better and can focus for longer than minutes. He played with his rubiks cube for over 3 hours determined to get it the way it is suppose to go . Today we took him to a grocery store no cart necessary for him he helped get the food and was putting it in the cart . before he would grab everything off the shelves play with it or he would take things and try to walk out of the store with it. I would have to pat him down.
His school work is also better writng nicer and using more than 1 color .
I am kicking myself for not getting him in sooner. But I am glad I did

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The Lunds said...

Awareness is half the battle. Glad you found out.