I am a cancer survivor
I have 1 eternal companion
1 daughter
3 sons.
my fair share of challenges
I am human

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buffalo Grove

We made it March 2 . After all the hoops we had to jump through to get here. It was hard leaving behind Oshkosh Wisconsin. I left behind a lot of good friends and a good ward.  The house is more then what I expected. I have a small cooking space compared to my huge gourmet kitchen where everything had a place. I have very limited cupboard and  drawer space. But i can fit my table in there. The bedrooms are smaller than we were used to. I miss my huge walk in closets . But I am still able to fit 3 boys in 1 room. Minus a dresser that had to be put in the basement by the laundry room. I do have 2 full size bathrooms. I have a Huge fenced I back yard for the kids to play in . I can see them from my window. We can walk to school. Right across the street and field is Walmart and Sams club Mc Donald  then across the street from that is Target staples Fannie Mae chocolates.  If our vehicle breaks down we can bike or walk to where we need to go.  Oshkosh It took awhile just to get to the store , bank church. Here I can walk to church if I  leave early enough . there is even a park around the corner.

   I am so glad I put my trust in the Lord  to make this journey. His hands were and are still guiding us I can feel his help every step of the way.  It will take me awhile to get used to the new Ward. There is 3 meetings in the building so I don't know who belongs to what ward yet. I will get there.

 I am glad we decided to take this step. I am not so stressed out on how am I  going to make rent and  pay bills .

I really want to plant roots here I am a weak tree and when I am up rooted I die a little each time .


Nancy said...

I just happened to look at your blog and I see that you have moved.
Good luck in your new place. We have 1 year and we will be moving West. We are not sure where yet.

melissa said...

If you ever come to Chicago let me know I am only half hour away